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December 21, 2009

WELCOME: Bringing focus on Floyd


For such a geographically small locale, Floyd County is brimming with extraordinary people and captivating stories ready to share and celebrate. That’s why Floyd County Current has made it our mission to showcase local residents, their talents and experiences.

Until earlier this year, Current magazine covered much of Southern Indiana. However, with this issue we begin a new focus on Floyd County. It’s home to more than 200 years of history, and we have the elegant mansions and impressively large historic downtown district as reminders of past eras of success. New businesses opening downtown and on the suburban corridors, IU Southeast’s growth and incoming industry are good long-term economic signs locally. Yet, Floyd County is also home to a truly peaceful Midwestern way of life in the rolling hills — sorry, Knobs — of the countryside outside New Albany’s limits. We really can have it all as our cover story subject Rita Hudson Shourds states.

We are not without our problems. Americans are living in one of the roughest economic times of our entire lives. However, Floyd County is primed for a renaissance and Floyd County Current and The Tribune plan to be a part of it.

As with any good metamorphosis, we’ve made a number of physical and substantive changes. We hope you approve and welcome your feedback. Here are some of the highlights of this relaunch issue and improvements we’ve made.

• Floyd County Current features all locally produced content. Stories and photos are submitted from either our award-winning team at The Tribune or from locally based freelance journalists.

• You will now find us on racks and in the mail every other month throughout Floyd County. A complete list will be published soon in The Tribune and on our Web site. Also, by increasing our production cycle to 5 editions per year, we’ll be keeping Current more current.

• We’ve added a People section in each edition that will showcase local events and gatherings. Look to see who you know at everything from a black-tie awards banquet to a downtown block party.

• Food has become a hot topic this year, especially in downtown New Albany. So we’ve created a food section in each issue to help residents meet and discover some old favorites as well as some new places to enjoy. Look for recipes, advice and more from some very talented professionals working and living around the corner.

• Regular features on locally accomplished residents, health advice and a spotlight on interesting homes all return and will remain as fixtures.

It hasn’t been easy to launch a new magazine in a recession, but Floyd County is ready for it and the support from area residents and businesses has only reenforced the need for a quality publication such as this.

This relaunch has taken us months and hundreds of hours to plan and pull off.

We hope you enjoy the finished product. I invite you to make it a regular part of your life here in Floyd County.