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May 8, 2014

Clark Memorial Bridge closure delayed

Summer holiday travel factored into decision


JEFFERSONVILLE — The Clark Memorial Bridge’s scheduled closure for renovations has been pushed back to sometime shortly after July 4.

The bridge’s closure had initially been estimated to take place at the end of May, but all of the materials needed to get the work done quickly was not on hand, said Mindy Peterson, spokeswoman for the Ohio River Bridges Project Downtown Crossing.

“They are working in a concentrated area and they are going to be doing a lot of work very quickly,” Peterson said. “The last thing they want to do is close the bridge and not have the materials they need to complete the work, so they wanted to wait until they had everything assembled, everything they need to start the work.”

Not all of the materials needed to construct retaining walls, which include concrete panels and steel straps, were on-hand, Peterson said.

ORBP officials had discussed moving the work to mid-June, Peterson said, but reconsidered.

“They started looking at schedules and calendars and other work to be completed,” Peterson said, “and the thought process was, ‘How much sense does it make to close the bridge two weeks ahead of the summer travel holidays?’”

Peterson said the delay would not affect the project’s timeline, which is scheduled for completion in December 2016.

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