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February 6, 2014

Spaghetti Junction ramp expected to open next week


LOUISVILLE — Repairs on a deteriorated support column for the ramp that carries traffic from Interstate 65 North to I-64 West is nearing completion, with concrete scheduled to be poured this weekend.

The ramp is expected to reopen to traffic early next week, after this week’s work was slowed by snow and ice, according to a press release from Ohio River Bridges Projects officials.

The ramp closed last weekend, allowing Walsh Construction Co., leader of the design-build team that is constructing the new downtown bridge, to begin repairs. Crews are removing the deteriorated concrete, replacing damaged steel rebar and pouring a new layer of concrete around the column to encase the repaired core, the release says.

The entire ramp will be torn down and replaced in 2015 as part of the reconstruction of the Kennedy Interchange, which is a major part of the downtown project.