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May 23, 2013



Alleged shoplifter arrested after interstate pursuit

Clarksville police arrested Tryia M.Cowan, 23, of Louisville, on May 18, after being dispatched to Walmart for a shoplifting incident.

While en route, officers were notified Cowan had entered an SUV in the Walmart parking lot and was turning onto Veterans Parkway.

Responding officers saw the vehicle turning onto the Interstate 65 south ramp and attempted a traffic stop, but the SUV increased its speed and cut off several vehicles while merging onto the roadway, police reported.

After a one-half mile pursuit, the SUV pulled over to the side of I-65, and Cowan gave consent to have her vehicle searched and denied stealing any items.

No stolen merchandise was found in the vehicle, but police did locate a loaded handgun, which Cowan had proof of purchase, but no permit, according to police.

Walmart loss prevention officials arrived to the traffic stop and identified Cowan as the person who left the box store with $526.36 worth of children’s clothing and a fan. The Walmart employee said that Cowan left the store with the stolen goods in a shopping cart, but left the goods in the parking lot before getting into the SUV and leaving the store property.

Cowan has been charged in Clark County Circuit Court No. 3 with theft and resisting law enforcement, both class D felonies, and carrying a handgun without a license, a class A misdemeanor.


Man charged in domestic battery

Jeffersonville police arrested Joshua Robert Fisher, 26, of 3273 Wooded Way Apt. No. 8, after responding to the home he shares with his girlfriend on a domestic dispute call on May 17.

Officers arrived to the couple’s home and reported hearing a man and woman yelling through a closed door. 

Fisher’s girlfriend answered the door and told the officers she and her boyfriend had been in a verbal argument. According to the probable cause affidavit, police noticed red marks on both sides of the woman’s neck.

Officers also reported seeing a pizza pan and pizza lying on the living room and kitchen floors, blood on the home’s carpet and a piece of furniture. Fisher was found with four perpendicular cuts on his wrist.

The woman and Fisher both appeared to be sweating, police reported.

Fisher’s girlfriend told police that she had been sleeping when Fisher came to the home intoxicated and started yelling and arguing with her.

“She stated that [Fisher] started punching walls, throwing things around, and he then grabbed her around the neck and began to choke her,” according to the affidavit.

The woman continued that Fisher then let her go and attempted to cut his own wrist with a knife from the kitchen.

Police then spoke with Fisher who said that he and his girlfriend had gotten into an argument and she had hit him and had tried to choke him. The officer noted in the affidavit that Fisher was found with no visible signs of battery on his body. Fisher also told police he never put his hands on his girlfriend and didn’t know how she received the red marks on her neck.

Paramedics arrived and treated Fisher’s wrist. He told police he had not attempted to kill himself and had not intentions of harming himself in the future.

Fisher was then arrested and taken to Michael L. Becher Adult Correctional Complex. 

He has been charged in Clark County Circuit Court No. 3 with strangulation, a class D felony.


Seatbelt violation leads to drug charges

A Jeffersonville man has been charged with 12 felony drug-related charges, after he was stopped by Clarksville police for a seatbelt violation on May 14.

Trevor King, 24, of 5620 Hamburg Pike, a passenger of the vehicle, was asked by the officer to step out of the vehicle during the stop, at which time he was found with a pill bottle in his pocket, according to the report. Police reported the bottle contained two prescription medications, neither of which King had proof were prescribed to him. Upon further search of King, the officer found three syringes in one of his pockets, which also contained several other controlled substances, all of which he told police had not been prescribed to him.

King told officers during the pat down that a bag of marijuana could be found in his sock. An officer retrieved the bag, which contained 37.5 grams of marijuana.

The officer asked the vehicle’s driver if the automobile could be searched and consent was given.

In the vehicle, police found King’s wallet, which contained a “crystal substance in a baggie as well as a screen,” according to the affidavit. Some of the material tested positive as methamphetamine, police said.

King was arrested and later charged in Clark County Circuit Court No. 2 with dealing narcotic drug, three counts dealing in controlled substance, all class B felonies; dealing in marijuana, possession of a narcotic drug, three counts of possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana, possession of a syringe and possession of methamphetamine, all class D felonies.

— Staff Writer Gary Popp