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January 29, 2013

Theatair X cited for peep-booth violations

Management could face tens of thousands in fines


CLARKSVILLE — Theatair X on Tuesday was found to have committed 11 building ordinance violations.

The violations were discovered during a visit to the business about 1:30 p.m. by officials with the Office of the Clarksville Building Commissioner and Clarksville Police Department officers.

During the inspection of the facility, management was issued citations for each of the 11 holes found adjoining 22 private booths used for viewing pornography, Clarksville police reported.

Police said each of the rooms are equipped with a token-operated television that displays sexual content.

The holes were placed into the booths using power tools, police said, adding that they were not made by patrons.

The ordinance that was violated was added in 2005 and is found in chapter 117, Sexually Oriented Businesses. It reads: “No licensee shall allow openings of any kind to exist between viewing rooms or booths.”

Police said the penalty for each of the violations is $2,500 per day, which means Theatair X will accrue $27,500 each day the violations persist.

During the building inspection, police charged a man found in one of theaters in the business.

John Hennon, 50, of Louisville, was cited with indecent exposure, a class A misdemeanor, after he was seen exposing himself by one the officers.

Police said Hennon was in plain sight of three or other individuals also in the theater.