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September 28, 2013

Brian Meyer first to file for Clark County sheriff’s race

Mac Spainhour says he’ll also run


JEFFERSONVILLE — After the 2014 election, there’ll be a new sheriff in town.

But who?

Clark County’s latest addition to the race was also the first to file his statement of organization with the county’s voter registration office when Brian Meyer declared his candidacy this week.

Meyer, a captain with the Clark County Sheriff’s Department, also serves as the vice president of the Sellersburg Town Board. Meyer finished second to Sheriff Danny Rodden in the 2006 Democratic Party primary for the race.

“I’ve got a lot of people wanting to get involved in the campaign and make donations, so we went down and filed the paperwork so we can get started,” Meyer said.

He is acting as the chairperson of his campaign, according to the CFA-1 form he filed Monday. Meyer did not file any forms indicating that he had already received campaign contributions or spent anything on the race.

Meyer has served with the Clark County Sheriff’s Department for 23 years. After starting as a corrections officer, he worked his way up to jail commander, and has since served as a patrolman, sergeant, lieutenant and captain.

“I’ve had a pretty good working understanding of the sheriff’s department in the 23 years that I’ve been there,” Meyer said.

He said he believes community involvement and community policing programs are important for improving the department.

“As always, community involvement is what we have to work for. I think you have got to keep the community involved in what’s going on with your department,” Meyer said. “Obviously, the county is under some severe budgetary problems at this point in time, so it makes it difficult, but you still have to work toward that.

“If you don’t have the community of Clark County involved in what you’re trying to work toward, it’s almost impossible to move forward with law enforcement.”


Mac Spainhour said he is running for the office as well, but has not yet filed his statement of organization with voter registration. Spainhour has not yet decided if he will run in the Democratic Party or Republican Party primary.

Spainhour is a retired, 28-year conservation officer with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and a criminal justice instructor at Prosser Career Education Center.

“I’m running for sheriff for a couple reasons,” Spainhour said. “One, I’ve always wanted to be sheriff from years ago. Two, I think I can bring a lot of fiscal responsibility and integrity to the department, and I absolutely love serving the people of Clark County, as I did for 28 years.”

Spainhour noted that while he has not served as an officer in the sheriff’s department, the expertise he obtained during his career as a conservation officer gave him the same training that those in the department receive.

“The training to become a conservation officer is extremely rigorous, both physical and mental,” Spainhour said. “... The way to look at that is, I get trained to know all of the fish and wildlife stuff, but I also get trained in all the regular law-enforcement stuff that everyone else does at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. So where most guys go, they get just the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, well, we get experience on the other stuff because our area of expertise is fish and wildlife.”

Spainhour is running on a platform of fiscal responsibility and adherence to constitutionally guaranteed rights, including Second Amendment rights, Spainhour said.

“We’re going to be fiscally responsible, and we’re going to be professional,” Spainhour said.

Clark County Sheriff’s Department Detective Donnie Bowyer is also known to be running for sheriff and maintains a campaign Facebook page. Bowyer also has not filed his statement of organization with voter registration.

He did not respond to multiple messages left on his cell phone requesting comment for this story.