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April 19, 2013

Jazzercise silent auction to benefit local family

Event runs through Sunday



For any parent, losing a child is the most unimaginable and devastating experience.

 It was equally devastating for Halie and Kevin Book, whose 6-year-old son Kaden recently lost his battle with leukemia. However, his mother said she has found strength through God and her church.  

“The biggest strength is our Lord and our faith. Our faith has grown,” she said.  

The Southern Indiana community has also shown support to the family by providing meals and fundraisers while the family sought cancer treatment for Kaden in Cincinnati.  

“It has been a neat thing, just how we’ve been taken care of. It shows the type of community we live in. It is a real thoughtful and kind community,” Halie said.

She said her husband’s aunt organized fundraisers so Kevin could afford to take time away from work so he could be in Cincinnati.    

Christy Nash also heard about the family and wanted to help. After thinking about it, she approached her Jazzercise group in Floyds Knobs about fundraising ideas. Finally, the idea came to her. 

“We had a Jazzercise conference and then brainstormed things we could do. I thought that I have to do something with Pinterest,” Nash said. She developed the idea of Pinning for a Purpose, and invited the group to make items inspired by Pinterest to sell in the form of a silent auction. 

“I brought the idea to the Jazzercise family and they ran with it. I am humbled by the response from people. Their hearts are big,” said Nash, who hopes the donations are able to buy groceries or anything to help lift some of the burden from the Book family.  

“They are suffering an unthinkable loss. No mother should have to lose a child. We want them to know that the community is still thinking about them,” Nash said.  

Winnie Green, owner of the Floyds Knobs Jazzercise, 3700 Paoli Pike, is happy to have the fundraiser at her studio. 

“Hopefully, this reminds them that they aren’t alone, and that the community cares about them,” Green said. “We just want to be a blessing, even though we don’t know them. That’s what Jazzercise is. This place is good for our souls, and it’s more than working out.” 

Green welcomes the public to come to the studio during class times to see the items and bid. She also welcomes the community to free classes until Sunday, which will be the last day for the silent auction. 

The donations are from the creative ambitions of the Jazzercise members, and some include wreaths, twine-wrapped lightbulbs, a painting by a 13-year-old, and a teacup bird feeder. Nash displayed the bird feeder on a tree in remembrance of Kaden. 

Halie Book recalled that once last year, Kaden woke from a nap asking if God would let him make a tree when in heaven. He wanted to make a dolphin too.      

Kaden also assured his mom that Jesus would cure him from the cancer cells. He also reported vividly witnessing angels at his passing, and was coherent throughout. 

“He said, ‘I want to sit up and looked around room.’ He said, ‘I see people,’ and he kept looking around, and then said, ‘I want to go to heaven right now.’ Right after that, he hiccuped, and God took him right then,” Halie said. 

Halie said that she hopes other families who are experiencing similar struggles get to hear their story and find comfort because “he made a big splash in his six years. Give hope to other parents.” 

“Kaden was passionate about everything. He was always smiling and happy, even with the leukemia, and I am thankful for that,” Halie said. 

Halie welcomes other families to contact her through email at  

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