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April 10, 2014

Third suspect arrested in violent home burglary in Clarksville

Teen faces two B felony charges; one suspect remains at-large


JEFFERSONVILLE — A 19-year-old man wanted on a warrant related to an armed burglary at a Clarksville home in December was arrested Wednesday after he was found hiding in an attic.

Clarksville police investigators believe Aaron Davis, New Albany, went to Florida to evade his arrest after taking part in the violent home invasion and burglary orchestrated by four teenagers Dec. 19.

While Davis had a warrant outstanding for his arrest, he was found during a Clarksville police investigation not related to the alleged burglary.

According to the police report, two CPD officers, including a school resource officer, went to a home on Kilmer Way in Clarksville to attempt contact with a runaway student.

While at the home, the runaway student and Davis were found in the attic of the home. After Davis came out of the attic, at the commands of police, “Davis told me, immediately, that he probably had a warrant for burglary,” according to the police report.

Police reported a small bag of marijuana was found in Davis’ possession during a search. He was then taken from the home to the Clark County jail.

He appeared for an initial hearing in Clark County Circuit Court No. 1 Thursday, at which time he was officially charged with conspiracy to commit robbery and robbery, both class B felonies.

Davis is the third suspect arrested for alleged involvement in the burglary at a home along Harrison Avenue Dec. 19.

Jordan Amos, 22; and Amy Brabandt, 17, were both arrested and charged late last month. The fourth teenager, 16-year-old Taylor Marie Torstrick, remains wanted by police.

More than law enforcement are hoping that Torstrick materializes soon. Her family has not seen the juvenile since July 2013.

Those who know of Torstrick’s whereabouts are asked to call the New Albany Police Department at 812-944-6411 or her grandfather Julius Torstrick at 812-945-0175.


According to the burglary report, the four teens conspired to rob the man, who was believed to be carrying cash, in his home.

Nearly two months after the alleged robbery, Brabandt was interviewed by police.

She told police that she had spent time with the man Dec. 18, and had arranged for Torstrick to have sex with him the following day for a fee of $30.

But, before she and Torstrick went to man’s home the next day, the four teens organized a plan to rob him instead, she told police.

On the day of the robbery, Brabandt, Amos, Davis and Torstrick drove to the man’s home together.

According to Brabandt’s statements, the plan included her and Torstrick going into the home first, getting the man naked, so “he would be defenseless,” then Amos and Davis would enter the home and commit the robbery.

The man who was robbed reported to police that when the two men entered his home, Amos “ ... immediately struck him in the head several times with [a] pipe, which resulted in profuse bleeding from his head,” according to the affidavit.

He told police after being struck in the head with the pipe, a fight between he and Amos ensued and carried into a bathroom of the home.

“He stated that while inside the bathroom, Aaron Davis walked from room to room, looking for items of value,” according to the report. “[The man] advised that at one point Davis entered the bathroom and struck him with a lamp four to five times.”

He also reported Davis stole his wallet that included several hundred dollars.

The man got the upper hand in the physical struggle with Amos.

Brabandt told police that at one point, Davis told the girls that they needed to leave because “ ... Amos was getting beat up.”

The man reported that he was able to recover some of the money that had been stolen, before the men left the home, but several hundred dollars were reported stolen.

Following Davis’ arrest, a jury trial was scheduled in August. He remained in the Clark County jail Thursday afternoon under a $50,000 court-cash bond.

Both Amos and Brabandt have jury trials scheduled later in the year.