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March 18, 2014

'All Shook Up' at Clarksville High School: Play gets groovy with Elvis


CLARKSVILLE — The King of rock ‘n’ roll and Shakespeare are about to come together in a musical at Clarksville High School.

The school’s theater department will present “All Shook Up” this week, a musical featuring more than 20 Elvis Presley songs.

Director Dan Bullington said with the school’s success of another 1960s-themed play, “Go-Go Beach” last year, he thought it would be fun to give the era another shot.

“It’s actually a story that the music advances,” Bullington said. “It’s not just everyone turning into Elvis and quivering their lip and singing; it’s relevant to the story.”

He said the show is based on William Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night.” The cast of 25 tells the story of a young man who gets out of jail and brings rock music to a small town.

“There’s mistaken identity and several love triangles are formed,” Bullington said. “Chad gets out of jail and we meet the citizens of Anytown, USA. It’s kind of a dull, humdrum town and Chad brings rock ‘n’ roll. It’s basically a story about everyone finding themselves, coming to life and finding love.”

The show opens tonight at 7:30. Tickets are $10 for adults and $6 for senior citizens and students. It runs through Sunday.

Bullington said Chili’s in Clarksville has helped with advertising and held promotions to help raise money for the production. He said students can’t wait to put on the show.

“Everybody’s really excited about it,” Bullington said. “We really started rehearsals two weeks before Christmas break to go over the songs and really hit it hard in January. Their spirits are up now because we open [tonight]. We’ve got a pretty good buzz.”