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June 12, 2013

Annexation services being hammered out in Sellersburg



The Sellersburg Town Council continued to tackle requirements related to its annexation of Covered Bridge and the Willows subdivisions and its ongoing water projects.

“Because of the annexation, we do need to redistrict the town of Sellersburg,” said Sellersburg Town Attorney Jake Elder. “And accordingly, inside of our annexation ordinance, it’s stated that the district will be number five ... in the ordinance we need to designate a specific area for number five.”

Elder explained that currently Sellersburg’s District 5 representative is At-large Town Councilman Brian Meyer. He added the council has two options in moving forward with redistricting: that the council could opt to hold town-wide elections for all districts or designate a council member in the specific area, to be the District 5 representative.

“What I would like to see us do, if possible, is move forward with five districts, no at-large, eliminate my position ... and Jacobi, Toombs and Lanz can come up with the numbers for where those districts are,” Meyer, who lives in Sellersburg’s District 2, said. “To take it a step further, that each district would only vote within their district, they would choose their own representative out of each of the five districts.”

Engineering firm Jacobi, Toombs and Lanz Inc. would be responsible for drawing the maps that would delineate the districts.

Meyer continued and asked how the council would go about staggering the terms of the council members.

“We need to have two terms that are staggered so that we don’t have five new people coming in every time,” he said.

Elder said the town council would be able to pass ordinances to enact the term changes.

The council agreed to move forward with the plan to restructure the districts with no at-large representative and to allow Jacobi, Toombs and Lanz to map out the new territories.



To help prepare for the extension of services to the newly annexed areas, Sellersburg Municipal Works Director Ken Alexander said trash pick-up days for current town residents will change starting June 17.

Beginning June 17, Monday trash pick-ups will be moved to Tuesday and Thursday pick-ups will be moved to Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday trash services will remain the same.

Alexander said the plan is to make the trash pick-up day Thursday for the annexed areas when the services are extended to the area, which is expected in August.



Change orders for several projects included in the town’s upgrades to its water system were presented and approved Monday.

The town council unanimously approved a contract to restore wells seven and eight in the town at a total cost $511,354. The contractor for the project is Bastin Logan Water Services Inc. and is part of the water system upgrades.

A change order for repairs to a water tank on Ind. 60 totaling $2,500 was also approved.

Alexander said the cost did not include installation, which would raise the total cost to between $5,000 and $6,000.

A final change order for repairs to a drainage project in Forest Estates, totaling up to $3,500, was also unanimously approved.

The town council also heard a proposal from Anue Water Technologies Inc. to help control the odor that comes from the lift station near the Sellersburg Library.

Jay Boyd, vice president of sales and marketing for Anue Water Technologies, Inc., gave a presentation for an odor-control system that his company installs, which allows more oxygen to enter the sewer lines and, in turn, reduces hydrogen sulfide gas which causes the odor.

Boyd said the goal of the system is to reduce the amount of odor causing gas in the lines by 90 percent.

The cost for the odor control equipment is $99,000, ongoing electrical costs would total about $3,380 annually and for maintenance costs after the first year the price would total about $1,400 per year.

Sellersburg currently pays about $25,000 per year for chemicals to treat sewer odor.

No action was taken by the council Monday, but it agreed to look into the proposal.