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May 4, 2013

Sellersburg man arrested after alleged assaults

Charges include battery, confinement, intimidation


SELLERSBURG — A Sellersburg man was arrested following accusations of threatening his girlfriend with a knife, forcing her to write out a suicide note and claiming he would inject her with Pine-Sol and leave her in a trunk unless she found some drugs.

Justin R. Tomlinson, 33, of 206 Prather Lane, remained in the Michael L. Becher Adult Correctional Complex on Friday evening under a $50,000 court-cash bond.

A Sellersburg Police Department officer responded to the couple’s home Sunday, April 28, after receiving a call from the mother of Tomlinson’s girlfriend, who reported she was on the phone with her daughter when she thought she overheard Tomlinson hitting her daughter before the call was dropped.

The officer was met at the front door of the home by the girlfriend after he knocked and waited for several minutes. He reported that the woman appeared to have been crying and saw a cut on her lip that was still bleeding. When the officer asked how she injured her lip, she replied, “I fell down last night,” according to the probable-cause affidavit.

The officer asked if anyone else was in the home, and the woman said her boyfriend, Tomlinson, was in the upstairs of the home. The officer yelled for Tomlinson to come downstairs where he could see him. Tomlinson came down the stairs and denied to the officer that he and the woman had been arguing, according to the affidavit.

An Indiana State Police trooper then arrived at the home to assist the SPD officer. As the trooper spoke with the woman, the officer continued to speak with Tomlinson, who also said his girlfriend cut her lip during a fall.

The woman told the trooper that Tomlinson had driven her to a forestry, where he pushed her to the ground and “ ... kicked her repeatedly in the ribs and pressed a knife to her face while threatening to kill her,” according to the affidavit.

The officer reported the woman had a small cut beneath her eye, which was consistent with her statement. The woman also reported to police that Tomlinson had struck her in the ankle several times with a frying pan. Her ankle was found to be red and swollen, police reported.

As Tomlinson was been placed into handcuffs, he told police that he had never put his hands on his girlfriend.

After he was taken into custody, he told police that his girlfriend had drugs and paraphernalia in her vehicle. Officers searched the vehicle, but did not locate the illegal materials.

The woman was taken to SPD headquarters, where she gave a voluntary written statement. In the statement, the woman reported that she and Tomlinson had been in an argument the night before because he was accusing her of “hiding dope,” according the affidavit. She reported that Tomlinson had choked her near her vehicle and took the keys then began to walk away.

“The victim stated Tomlinson then picked her up by the throat and slammed her to the road,” according the affidavit.

She continued, disclosing that Tomlinson then took out an open pocket knife and said, “You lying [expletive]. I will not hesitate to stick you,” the report reads.

The woman reported that he then put her into a car and said he was taking her to the forestry “where no one could hear her scream,” according to the affidavit.

After arriving to the forestry, Tomlinson ordered her out of the vehicle while he held the knife, the woman reported.

“The victim stated Tomlinson slammed her to the ground while holding a knife to her throat and then under her eye,” according to the affidavit.

She reported that Tomlinson then walked away form her, but then came running back and kicked her in the left side of the ribs. He then put her back into the car and drove home while continuing to accuse her of hiding drugs, the woman reported.

“[The woman] stated Tomlinson told her he was going to kill her, and neither her kids nor family would even notice that she’s gone,” according to the affidavit.

After returning home, the woman said that is when he struck her with ankle with a “pot,” police reported.

“[The woman] stated Tomlinson began sharpening a wooden stick and told her he was going to ‘stick her,’” according to the affidavit.

The woman reported he told her to choose to be stuck in the leg or thigh.

“[The woman] stated Tomlinson had her write out her own suicide letter, and said he was going to, ‘shoot her up with Pine-Sol’ and put her in the truck for a couple days unless she found some dope,” according to the affidavit.

Tomlinson has been charged in Clark County Circuit Court No. 1 with criminal confinement, a class B felony, and intimidation with a deadly weapon and battery, both class C felonies, and domestic battery, a class A misdemeanor.

He appeared in the court Tuesday and a not guilty plea was entered on his behalf. A unnamed court-appointed public defender was assigned to the case.

Tomlinson is scheduled to return to the court June 13 for a pretrial conference.