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January 16, 2013

Mother, daughter arrested

Grandchild taken by CPS; mother faces B felony aggravated battery charge


JEFFERSONVILLE — A mother and daughter were arrested by Jeffersonville police following an alcohol-fueled incident in Beech Grove Apartments that involved an assault on a police officer and a minor being removed from the home by Child Protective Services.

Police responded to the residence of Kimberly Wright, 50 and her daughter Dawn Wright, 29, in the apartment complex located on Allison Lane about 10:30 p.m. Tuesday. Officers from the Jeffersonville Police Department were dispatched after a 911 call had been made from the home, and the caller hung up. Dispatchers returned the call and reported to the officers en route that a complaint had been made that someone was beating up a child.

Police reported that on their arrival, Kimberly Wright was in the home and showed signs of intoxication that included a strong odor of alcohol, slurred speech, bloodshot eyes and loss of balance.

Kimberly Wright told the officers that she had been in an argument with Dawn Wright over Dawn Wright’s child, who was also in the home when police arrived.

“Ms. Wright stated that her daughter, Dawn, left the apartment prior to police arrival due to being intoxicated and afraid of getting in legal trouble,” the officer noted in the police report.

As police were in the home, Kimberly Wright was asked several times to stop walking around the apartment so the officers could conduct their investigation. She was also asked to quit cursing and yelling due to the child being present.

“Mrs. Wright refused, attempting to push me out of the way,” according to an officer’s remark in the report. “I then used soft-hand contact to stop Ms. Wright from trying to push me.”

According to the report, Kimberly Wright, “then started screaming, advising [her grandchild] to jump out of the window and run.”

Officers spoke with the child who said that his mother and grandmother had been yelling at one another and that his mother had wrested around with him.

“[The child] stated that the believed his mother was playing, but got carried away due to her level of intoxication,” according to the report.

The child said he was injured at the time by his mother falling on top of him.

When police asked Kimberly Wright to take a portable alcohol breath test, she refused and cursed at officers.

She then called 911 and requested that a new group of officers be sent to the home, due to the officers there hurting her, and she asked for an ambulance to come to the home.

After Yellow Ambulance arrived at the home, Kimberly Wright refused to answer the paramedics’ questions, police reported, and when they told her they were there to help, she cursed at them.

Officers reported that once Kimberly Wright was advised that CPS had been contacted, she grabbed a nearby pair of tweezers and attempted to stab herself in the neck. Officers and paramedics struggled with her to take the tweezers out of her hand, the report says.

Following the brief struggle, officers reported that Kimberly Wright attempted to use her head to strike one of the officers.

Police then put her into the back of a patrol car to take her to Michael L. Becher Adult Correctional Complex.

The officer noted in the report that during the entire ride to the jail, Kimberly Wright spit on the windows and struck the windows with her head and hands. Due to her wearing an arm cast, officers were not able to place her in hand restraints.

At the jail, Kimberly Wright provided a .17 blood alcohol concentration after a breath test was administered by jail staff.

Kimberly Wright was preliminarily charged with battery to law enforcement with no injury, a class D felony, and resisting law enforcement and interference with reporting of a crime, both A misdemeanors.

Officers requested a warrant be issued for the arrest of Dawn Wright for neglect of a dependent. She was arrested the following day.

Clark County jail staff said Wednesday that Dawn Wright had been preliminarily charged with aggravated battery, a class B felony. 

Court records had not been updated with the women’s upcoming court appearances as of press time.