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June 27, 2013

Business owner calls for lower speed limit on Ind. 62

Jeffersonville says road is under state’s control



As growth continues along Ind. 62, so does the concern of neighbors and business owners in the area about the safety of the road.

Matt Keller, owner of Keller Lighting, which is located at the corner of Ind. 62 and Utica-Sellersburg Road, asked the Jeffersonville Board of Public Works about changing the speed limit from Ind. 265, up to Inc., from 55 mph to 45 mph.

“We feel like it ought to be brought down to 45 through there,” he said. “Someone’s going to get killed on Utica-Sellersburg Road. The intersection is terrible.”

While several city officials in the Board of Public Works meeting, where Keller made the request, agreed, they said the road was under the state’s control. Keller said he had already contacted Sen. Ron Grooms, R-Jeffersonville, who said the road and intersection is under city control.

The city disagreed, and Mayor Mike Moore said Jeffersonville has been asking for assistance with the speed limit and adding turn lanes at the Ind. 62 Utica-Sellersbrug Road intersection.

“We had this when we went up to Salem-Noble Road, we had to get the state’s permission,” he said. “That’s what took so long. The city’s responsibility of 10th Street stops at Herb Lewis Road.”

The road transitions from 10th Street to Ind. 62 at Herb Lewis Road.

“We’d all like to see this resolved. We’re on the same side that you are for this,” Moore said to Keller. “I know how bad it is. We’re trying to get something done. We’ve been trying to get something done before Amazon got opened up.”

Calls to the Indiana Department of Transportation were not returned by press time.


Paul Northam made a request to the board of public works to add electric outlet access in the light posts that were removed along Riverside Drive to make way for historic homes to be moved.

The homes were being moved as part of a settlement agreement to relocate the historic properties to make way for the downtown crossing for the Ohio River Bridges Project.

“This will help the vendors down there for Thunder [Over Louisville] and Smokin’ on the River and some of our larger events,” Northam said of the changes to the light posts. “They can plug into our light posts instead of having a portable electric bucket out there. “

He added that the additional access to the light posts — from the Overlook to Kingfish — would allow the city to add holiday decorations to the posts along Riverside Drive that adorn Spring Street each year.

The board of public works was in support of moving forward with the plan, but it also included a request to pay the $3,750 cost for the electrical access.

“The parks authority didn’t want to take it out of parks [department] funds because it wasn’t parks property,” Northam said.

A suggestion was offered that the cost be split between the city’s redevelopment commission and the parks department. 

“Although this is not on parks property, most of the things they’re doing there service park functions,” said Board of Public Works Member Bryan Glover. 

Glover, a councilman and member of the parks authority board, was not in attendance at Monday’s parks authority meeting when the issue was discussed.

Northam added that the source of funds needs to be determined quickly.

“We’re at a point now where the poles are getting ready to go back up here shortly, so this is the time to do the work on it,” he said.

Jeffersonville Corporation Attorney Les Merkley said the funding could come out of the Falls Landing Tax Increment Finance District and would refer it to the redevelopment commission at its meeting later in the day.