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March 24, 2009

$500K bond set in Clark County for Henryville woman accused of molesting boys

Mother of victim concerned suspect might have been pregnant


A Henryville woman accused of having sex with two 12-year-old boys will be held on $500,000 cash bond after her initial hearing Monday afternoon.

Sheila K. Granger, 33, appeared in Clark County Superior Court No. 1 Monday on eight counts of child molesting and one count of child solicitation.

Judge Larry Blanton, of Orange County, who was filling in for Judge Vicki Carmichael, entered a preliminary not guilty plea for Granger.

The accused knew the two boys from church, and her husband had coached them in a youth football league in Henryville, according to police. The alleged abuse began in August 2007 and lasted until December 2008. A probable-cause affidavit released Monday revealed many new details of the alleged offenses, first reported Saturday in The Evening News.

The mother of one of the victims told police she feared that Granger may have been impregnated by one of the boys.

The mother said that in September, Granger confided that she had missed a period and also that her husband had surgery to prevent him from having more children. The woman said she initially thought Granger might have been having an affair, but became concerned when she learned her son had been abused.

“That will be part of the investigation, determining the veracity of the statements [about the missed period],” Chief Deputy Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said.

He said he did not know if Granger is or was pregnant, and said they would check the availability of medical records. Granger did not show signs of pregnancy when walking to court.

One of the boys told police that Granger had bought him clothing, football gear and games. He also said Granger had taken him roller skating, to dances and to games at school. He said he initially resisted the touching by Granger. Later on, Granger allegedly told him she loved him, sometimes saying more than her husband.

The boy said she had oral sex with him at least 10 times and that they had intercourse on three occasions. He said she would have him touch her about 15 times a month. He said he stopped because he “couldn’t do it anymore.” He eventually told him mother when she became concerned because he had become withdrawn.

The other boy told investigators that he had sex with her three times and that she had oral sex with him. One incident allegedly occurred at a hair salon where Granger is a stylist. The victim said Granger took him in a back room and performed oral sex on him.

A woman who identified herself as the owner of All About You hair salon at 2805 Grant Line Road in New Albany confirmed Friday that Granger worked there.

Some of the alleged incidents occurred at the victims’ homes, while many occurred at Granger’s home on the 200 block of Robyn Avenue in Henryville. The boys were able to give specific details about private areas of Granger’s body, and one described a sex toy she allegedly keeps in her room.

A family member of one of the boys told The Evening News and Tribune that family members want details of the case are released and said they want to talk to the press, but that a gag order has been issued. It was not clear who issued that order.

Granger and her husband are both involved in the community. Granger attended school board meetings and was frequently seen at athletic events. Multiple sources told The Evening News and Tribune that Granger had been seen in public with children and acted abnormally friendly with them.

Ray Ramsey, an elder at Safe Harbor Christian Church in Henryville, said Granger attended church there. He said Granger, along with her husband, sometimes volunteered with the youth program, but that she never was in an official position of authority over the youth group. He said she had children in the youth group. Her children were good friends with both of the victims, according to court documents.

“It’s definitely a shock. Just the accusation is a shock,” Ramsey said. “The only thing we’re doing is waiting for the truth.”

Ramsey said the church takes extensive precautions to protect children. No adult is ever allowed to be alone with a child, and criminal background checks are mandatory for employees, he said.

Ramsey said they will pray for Granger, but are waiting to see if the allegations are true. He hopes the case will not reflect badly on the church.

“We’re very proud of our church,” he said. “The people here [at Safe Habor Christian Church] are good people.”

Granger is being represented by Arlington Foley, from Crown Point near Gary. Foley was not in court Monday and did not return a call seeking comment.

Granger faces five class A felonies, three class C felonies and a class D felony.

Convictions on the felonies would carry the following sentences: class A — 20 to 50 years; class B — six to 20 years; and class C — two to eight years.

Granger’s next court date is scheduled for May 11. Her trial is set to begin Aug. 4.

Detectives say they are interested in talking to anyone else who might have been abused by Granger. They can call the Clark County Sheriff’s Department at 812-283-4471.