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July 17, 2013

Arrest made following five home burglaries in Jeffersonville

Jailed man faces additional felony charges


JEFFERSONVILLE — An admitted heroin addict connected to five Jeffersonville home burglaries was recently arrested by Jeffersonville police while he was found in possession of a stolen car.

John Michael Hensley, 35, address unknown, is believed to be involved in burglaries in the 800 block of Morningside Drive June 6; the 500 block of East Eighth Street June 8; the 1300 block of Allison Lane June 18; and the 2000 block of Ashwood Court June 25.

The location and day of the fifth home burglary was not disclosed Wednesday by JPD Detective Todd Hollis, who said Hensley could be charged with burglary and conspiracy to commit burglary for each of the five incidents.

Following his arrest on July 8, Hensley told JPD investigators he had a heroin addiction.

“Hensley generalized his actions for all his recent criminal activities by stating that he gave his drug dealer the burglarized addresses,” according to a probable cause affidavit. “Hensley made the admission that he assisted in the planning of burglary offenses in exchange for heroin.”

At the time, Hensley had only been charged in the burglary at Ashwood Court. He was charged in Clark County Circuit No. 1 with burglary and conspiracy to commit burglary, both class B felonies.

Police responded to the Ashwood Court home about 5 p.m. the day of the crime and reported forced entry had been made through a kitchen window.

While several items had been stolen, police believe it was Hensley who left behind a pair of pants in the kitchen.

According to the probable cause affidavit, the pockets of the pants contained a hypodermic needle, a spoon with a brown substance and a metal crowbar.

A JPD investigator made contact with the homeowner who said that her home had also been burglarized in April, and she believed that both burglaries had been committed by the same person.

She said the first burglary occurred when work was being done by a contractor in her home, and a hidden bottle of change had been stolen from the room where the work was taking place. During the June burglary, a bottle of change hidden in the same spot was stolen.

“[The homeowner] was certain nobody else could be a suspect,” the investigator noted in the report.

The Detective continued the investigation by contacting a supervisor of the company that had worked in the victim’s home during the April burglary.

After the investigator described the circumstances of the Ashwood Court burglary, the supervisor immediately offered Hensley’s name.

The supervisor also told the investigator that he had fired Hensley because he continually came to work “high.”

After Hensley was fired, the supervisor said Hensley had burglarized his home, he told the investigator.

The investigator then conducted a “pawn search” using Hensley’s name, and discovered he had made 55 pawn shop transactions between May 15 and June 6.

One of the search results revealed Hensley had pawned jewelry at a Louisville pawn shop, and the detective was able to connect the goods to a previous burglary.

On July 8 two JPD Detectives were at a Jeffersonville jewelry store investigating multiple burglaries in which Hensley was a suspect.

“[Detectives] were meeting with the owners of S & S Jewelry at 1522 E. 10th St. and inquiring about Hensley having been a customer at their business when Hensley entered the store,” according to the probable cause affidavit.

Police reported as Hensley was being placed into handcuffs, he dropped a key onto the ground and attempted to cover it with his foot.

The key was to a Pontiac Grand Am parked outside of the business. Hensley admitted to having driven the vehicle, but its was registered to a Salem resident. Police later determined the vehicle had been reported stolen out of Louisville.

Hensley was taken from the jewelry store to police headquarters for questioning and later to the Michael L. Becher Adult Correction Complex where he remains, as of  Wednesday afternoon.

According to court records, during a hearing Wednesday for the burglary charges, Hensley was issued $40,000 court-cash bond.

He has also been charged in Clark County Circuit Court No. 3 with auto theft, a class D felony, and issued a $5,000 cash bond.

Hensley is expected to be charged with eight additional burglary-related felonies in the coming days, police said.