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March 18, 2014

Jeffersonville to purchase land on Waverly Road to reduce flooding

$33K added for Kehoe Lane work


JEFFERSONVILLE — The city is looking to purchase a set of homes on Waverly Road to mitigate flooding in the area.

The drainage board voted Tuesday to approve a not-to-exceed package of $10,000 to appraise 12 properties along the dead-end road.

Matt Bell, water resource specialist for the city, said that there are several plans to address the issue, all which differ in the number of parcels the city would buy and transform into a detention basin, with overflow directed back to a nearby creek.

Although the detention pond wouldn’t fix the flooding issues, it would help alleviate some of the flooding downstream, where Southeast Christian Church sits.

Bell said he spoke with homeowners along Waverly, some of whom said they would be willing to sell their homes. There was one homeowner who did not wish to sell but said that the city could purchase 75 feet of frontage on his property.

Appraisals will cost about $750 each, and Bell said the property owners signed their approval of the appraisals.

City Engineer Andy Crouch said although the city doesn’t know how many properties it would have to purchase, he recommended an appraisal of all 12.


The board also approved a change order to add $32,990 for stormwater repairs in conjunction with sewer repairs on Kehoe Lane.

Crouch said that when engineers excavated the sewer line, which collapsed from old age about a month ago, they found a stormwater pipe that needed repair. The original cost of the Kehoe Lane work was $164,252.