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September 19, 2013

Garbage truck bid awarded in Jeffersonville

Kentucky Truck Sales gets contract over lower Peterbilt bid


JEFFERSONVILLE — A bid for a new garbage truck was awarded at Wednesday’s Jeffersonville Board of Public Works meeting, but it was not given to the lowest bidder.

Kentucky Truck Sales was awarded the bid for a new garbage truck totaling $79,926, more than $300 higher than the lowest bid from Peterbilt. Not accepting the lowest bid for contract work led to the dismissal of former Street Commissioner David Hosea.

However, Corporation Attorney Les Merkley said that the issue involving Hosea was not that he did not accept the lowest bid, but that he gave paving work to Louisville Paving after a contract had been awarded to MAC Construction.

Governmental entities are not required to go solely with the lowest monetary bid, but can accept a contract for the lowest, responsible bidder.

“Based on my conversations with the street department we’ve had prior issues and problems with Peterbilt,” Merkley said.

As a result the decision was made to got with Kentucky Truck Sales.

Along with the truck purchased the award was granted for Best Equipment, totaling $57,493 to complete the equipment for the garbage truck.


The board of public works also agreed to renew a contract in place between the Clerk’s office and BIS Digital, Inc. for recording equipment in the City Council chambers in City Hall.

Meetings are recorded and also posted on the city’s website and costs $800 annually.