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February 13, 2013

GREG'S PICKS: Braves look to recover against rival Clarksville

New Albany goes to Bedford for HHC finale; Jeff has tough double weekend


> SOUTHERN INDIANA — Clarksville-Borden has really turned into a nice rivalry of late.

The Generals and Braves have been competitive with each other for years, but for most of the past few decades, neither team was very good. Both programs being good at the same time was even more rare.

The past three years, the good Braves and Generals teams have played thrillers. After a Clarksville’s 54-50 win in 2010, Borden has beaten the Generals in overtime the past two seasons.

This season, Clarksville enters at 14-4 and ranked sixth in Class 2A. Borden is 14-3 and No. 9 in Class A as the two sides prepare to meet on Friday.

“We have two good teams going at it again,” Borden coach Doc Nash said. “It should be a good one again on Friday night.”

While Clarksville has rolled in having won eight of its last nine (the only loss being a tough road loss against 3A No. 4 Brownstown Central last week), Borden comes in wounded.

The Braves had their five-game winning streak snapped at home by a 7-11 Springs Valley club on Saturday.

“We’re going to bounce back,” Borden coach Doc Nash reassured. “Our kids, we’ve gotten better this week. Games like that are going to happen when you’re dealing with kids. Our seniors have fought back and have had some really good days of practice.”

After hosting Clarksville on Friday, the Braves close with two games they should win — at West Washington on Feb. 19 and at Salem on Feb. 22.

The following week comes the sectional, which Borden will try to win for the third time in six years. As much as the Clarksville rivalry has grown, that’s what really matters to Nash and the Braves.

“I look for a good showing, whether we win or not,” Nash said of Friday’s game. “If we lose to Clarksville, the sun is going to rise Monday morning in Borden. Our focus is getting better every day and trying to be playing our best in two weeks.”



Clarksville (14-4) at Borden (14-3), 7:30 p.m. Friday

Rankings: Clarksville — Class 2A No. 6 AP; Borden — Class A No. 9 AP.

• Series last 15 years: Clarksville 9-6.

• Last year: Borden 58, at Clarksville 55 (OT).

• Analysis: As Doc Nash said, this really should be a great game. The problem for Borden is, it really doesn’t have to scorers to keep up with Clarksville at home. The Generals just have so many weapons. Anyone on the court can beat you. The matchups really favor Clarksville. The best is ahead of Borden. Unless the Braves lay an egg like they did on Saturday, they’ll be a huge favorite to win another sectional title.

• Greg’s Pick: Clarksville 65, Borden 55.


New Albany (10-6, 3-2 HHC) at Bedford North Lawrence (8-10, 3-3
HHC), 7:30 p.m.

• Series last 15 years: New Albany 13-9.

• Last year: Bedford North Lawrence 50, at New Albany 44 (regular season); Bedford North Lawrence 48, New Albany 38 (sectional semifinal).

• Analysis: The Bulldogs are on a roll now. I expect that to maintain through the rest of the regular season.

• Greg’s Pick: New Albany 78, Bedford NL 60.

Trinity, Ky. (24-4) at Jeffersonville (16-3), 7:30 p.m.

• Rankings: Trinity — No. 8 in Kentucky; Jeffersonville — Class 4A No. 14 AP; No. 17 IBCA.

• Series all-time: Tied 5-5 (both teams are 5-0 at home in the series).

• Series last 15 years: Trinity 1-0.

• Last year: At Trinity 61, Jeffersonville 54.

• Analysis: Last year’s Kentucky state champions aren’t quite as potent as a year ago. However, the Shamrocks have won 17 straight and are getting it done on the defensive end. I’ll still take Jeff at home.

• Greg’s Pick: Jeffersonville 74, Trinity 71.

Corydon Central (13-5, 6-2 MSC) at Silver Creek (8-10, 3-5 MSC), 7:30 p.m.

• Series last 15 years: Tied 9-9.

• Last year: Silver Creek 60, at Corydon Central 43.

• Analysis: If the Dragons can pull this one off, they should head into the tournament with a seven-game winning streak. That won’t be easy, though.

• Greg’s Pick: Corydon Central 61, Silver Creek 53.

Providence (15-3) at North Harrison (12-6), 7:30 p.m.

• Rankings: Providence — Class 2A No. 4 AP.

• Series last 15 years: Providence 11-4.

• Last year: At Providence 64, North Harrison 27.

• Analysis: North Harrison is having its best season since 2004. That won’t help the Cougars against Providence.

• Greg’s Pick: Providence 48, North Harrison 35.

Jasper (9-8) at Floyd Central (4-16), 7:30 p.m.

• Series last 15 years: Jasper 5-2.

• Last year: Floyd Central 57, at Jasper 53.

• Analysis: The good news for Floyd Central is the Wildcats are 2-6 on the road this season. The bad news is they’ve won six of their last eight overall since getting healthy. It will be close one way or  the other.

• Greg’s Pick: Jasper 53, Floyd Central 47.

New Washington (9-10, 3-1 SAC) at South Central (11-6, 2-2 SAC), 7:30 p.m.

• Series last 15 years: South Central 13-8.

• Last year: South Central 53, at New Washington 44 (regular season); South Central 52, New Washington 43 (sectional semifinal).

• Analysis: A win over New Wash would give the Rebels a share of the SAC. They get it done.

• Greg’s Pick: South Central 68, New Washington 62.

Rock Creek (7-13) at Madison Shawe (7-11), 7:30 p.m.

• Series last 15 years: Shawe 7-4.

• Last year: At Rock Creek 56, Shawe 50.

• Analysis: Shawe has been better of late, but this should still be a winnable road game for the Lions. And after losing four straight, it’s one they need.

• Greg’s Pick: Rock Creek 55, Shawe 51.

Eastern (9-9, 3-5 MSC) at Brownstown Central (18-1, 8-0 MSC), 7:30 p.m.

• Rankings: Brownstown Central — Class 3A No. 4 AP; Receiving votes IBCA.

• Series last 15 years: Brownstown 13-5.

• Last year: Brownstown 71, at Eastern 56.

• Analysis: Clarksville needs a big effort from the Musketeers to get a share of the MSC title. That’s asking an awful lot.

• Greg’s Pick: Brownstown Central 79, Eastern 66.


Jeffersonville (16-3) at Castle (13-4), 7:30 p.m.

• Rankings: Jeffersonville — Class 4A No. 14 AP; No. 17 IBCA.

• Series all-time: Jeffersonville 6-0.

• Last year: At Jeffersonville 61, Castle 55.

• Analysis: If it comes down to a battle of the superstars, I’ll take Darryl Baker even against Blake Simmons. And I’ll take the Devils over the Knights.

• Greg’s Pick: Jeffersonville 72, Castle 68.

New Albany (10-6) at Indianapolis Arlington (8-10), 7:30 p.m.

• Series all-time: New Albany 5-0.

• Last year: At New Albany 66, Arlington 53.

• Analysis: Last time the Bulldogs had a Saturday road game following a Friday night game, it didn’t go so well. This time will be different.

• Greg’s Pick: New Albany 73, Arlington 58.


Aidan McEwen, Clarksville

McEwen went for a double-double of 20 points and 13 rebounds — both team highs — in Tuesday’s big 71-53 Mid-Southern Conference victory over North Harrison in his final home game as a General.

Last Week’s Stars

• Dalton Duley, Providence: game-high 21 points in Tuesday’s 61-25 victory over Rock Creek Academy.

• Aaron Hayes, Christian Academy: 28 points in Saturday’s 67-56 win over Southwestern.

• Darryl Baker, Jeffersonville: 25 points in Tuesday’s 73-56 win over Corydon Central.

• Garrett Arnold, New Albany: 18 points in Saturday’s 80-68 win over Evansville Central.

• Cody Bachman, Borden: 16 points in Saturday’s 34-31 loss to Springs Valley.

• Cody Reister, Henryville: team-high 10 points in Saturday’s 42-33 loss to Oldenburg Academy; 12 points in Tuesday’s 62-49 loss to Indianapolis International.

• Josh Rogers, New Albany: 15 points on five 3-pointers in the Bulldogs’ 80-68 win over Evansville Central on Saturday.


Team    Record    Last

1. Jeffersonville    16-3    1

2. Providence    15-3    2

3. Clarksville    14-4    3

4. New Albany    10-6    5

5. Borden    14-3    4

6. Charlestown    10-7    6

7. Eastern    9-9    —

8. Silver Creek    8-10    7

9. Rock Creek    7-13    8

10. Christian Academy    7-9    10

    Note on the Power Poll: The power polls aren’t based solely on which teams would beat which. Factors like team records and how they are expected to perform in their respective class sectionals are also taken into account.