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October 4, 2012

VAN HOY: The beats go on, but sometimes change

A quick refresher on who does what in the editorial department at this paper


> SOUTHERN INDIANA — A Wednesday morning conversation on Twitter reminded me that there’s much that goes on at the News and Tribune — or any newspaper for that matter — that the public doesn’t know about or understand.

Part of that is our fault. We deliver news to readers every day, but honestly don’t do a good job of explaining how that is accomplished.

There’s much more to all of our jobs in the editorial department than simply interviewing, writing, taking photographs and editing for the daily newspaper.

There’s general management; covering time off; taking calls from happy and unhappy people; giving advice on where to live from callers; giving directions; scanning other news sites; updating; going to events or speaking to groups or classes; typing in jail logs; working booths at area festivals; planning and editing our three regular magazines and numerous special sections; planning for election coverage; working with funeral homes on obituaries; and organizing submitted content like news briefs and photos.

Just like any job, people do come and go and that can change responsibilities. Recently, we’ve had some movement among reporters and our sports department. I wanted to use this as a chance to reacquaint readers with some of our editorial staff and what they cover.

Below is a listing of staffers and contact information that readers can clip out and use when they need it.


• Jerod Clapp — covers education in Clark and Floyd counties. Jerod also takes many photos for the newspaper; or 812-206-2152.

• Matt Koesters — covers Clark County government and Clarksville, with backup coverage of Sellersburg. Matt also is a fan of writing feature stories. He was previously sports editor at the paper or 812-206-2157.

• Braden Lammers — covers Jeffersonville, Charlestown, River Ridge Commerce Center and transportation issues (see Ohio River Bridges). Braden also maintains our Hoosier Hits music blog. or 812-206-2114.

• Gary Popp — covers public safety — police and fire beats — for Clark and Floyd counties. Gary is our newest reporter. gary.popp@ or 812-206-2115.

• Daniel Suddeath — covers New Albany with backup coverage of Floyd County and also edits Business Source and Current magazines. or 812-206-2151.


• C.E. Branham — primary coverage area is Clark County, but he takes photos all over Southern Indiana for our newspaper and magazines, manages the photo department and also gives talks to area students on photojournalism. chuck.brahnam@ or 812-206-2112.

• Christopher Fryer — primary coverage area is Floyd County, but he takes photos all over Southern Indiana for the newspaper and our magazines. or 812-206-2153.


• Greg Mengelt — our sports editor plans coverage for the daily sports section, edits stories, takes photos, designs and proofreads pages and writes articles. 812-206-2116.

• Kevin Harris — covers sporting events and writes sports articles as well as features such as College Notebook and In the Fast Lane, edits sports stories and designs and proofreads pages. or 812-206-2117.

• Elizabeth Goodman — designs sports pages and special sections. Elizabeth is currently on maternity leave.


• Shea Van Hoy — the News and Tribune editor manages the editorial staff of 15, plans daily coverage, assigns and edits stories, writes headlines, proofreads news pages and plans and edits the Opinions pages. or 812-206-2130.

• Amy Huffman-Branham — one of our assistant editors, Amy designs news pages and plans and designs the weekly Spectrum section. She also writes, edits, assigns stories, writes headlines helps with planning Woman of the Year and often bakes tasty treats for the newsroom. amy.huffman-branham@ or 812-206-2127.

• Chris Morris — one of our assistant editors, Chris covers Floyd County for the newspaper, writes, takes photos, assigns and edits stories and news pages, writes obituaries and is an invaluable source of information about New Albany and Floyd County. or 812-206-2155.

• Michael Reschke — copy edits stories and proofreads news pages, writes articles and opinions columns and is the primary person to update Michael also is the editor for Fitness Source magazine. michael.reschke@ or 812-206-2150.

• Brenda Dorman — our community editor, Brenda also is often the first contact for people who call the newspaper. She writes obituaries, news briefs, organizes photos for the Social Scene section and handles submissions for the Milestones page. or 812-206-2111.