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June 9, 2014

CUMMINS: Congress Is holding hearings for you

Local guest columnist

— Every issue facing our government is critical to you. Benghazi, veterans and carbon are just a few. The year 2016 will also be critical. It’s when our democracy will determine who’s in power. Democrats are partly in power now, but Republicans want it desperately. They hope to regain power by making Democrats look bad. That’s why they continue hearings on Benghazi. If the president covered it up he’s trapped. The best way to trap him is to conduct another hearing. Once the American people learn where Benghazi is, they will want to hear about it, too.      

Since health care for veterans is critical, Congress has and will hear more about it. They also need to hold another hearing on Obamacare, which broke down because the government computer wasn’t programmed to handle it.  Why don’t they repeal it and start over? They’ll try in 2016 if Republicans gain control. In the meantime, live with it.

Although veterans began their military training standing in line to get their shots and then lining up to get shot at, old veterans shouldn’t have to stand in line to get more shots. When I went in service, we lined up to get about 30 shots, which made our arms look like pin cushions. President Eisenhower was my commander in chief at the time, and the Navy lost our shot records. They lined us up again and doubled the serum injected into our bodies. I blame Eisenhower for that. Veterans are still standing in line, and it’s Obama’s fault.

Actually, the VA does a great job for me. My VA doctor is highly competent and caring. Appointments are easy to schedule and on time. (Have you ever had to wait a couple of months to see a specialist in the private sector?)  I order medication over the phone and receive it in the mail within five days. The U. S. postal service is broke, and mail carriers are standing in line waiting for Congress to address their needs such as funding for masks to wear in carbon polluted air caused by global warming. The VA arranged my heart surgery with one of the best surgeons in the area, and most veterans I talk to are satisfied with their health care. What went wrong? It’s either the president, who is the leader of the free world and responsible for everything, or it’s the computer or the bureaucracy.

Go visit the VA hospital in Louisville. It’s a beehive, veterans waiting, staff running. Who would want to work there? My VA doctor is overloaded, frustrated, and all he hears from his government, the media and the public is criticism. Hiring more doctors wouldn’t help, would it? Probably, but it costs money. Everybody wants health care, but who pays? Don’t ever raise taxes again to fight another war or to provide and improve health care for all. And no need to hear about poverty, look at it all around you. According to big-business interests, eliminating free lunches would create jobs.

The president is wrong again with the climate thing. He’s so weak, I feel sorry for him. Reducing carbon will kill coal, which is now mined by moving mountains. And it will kill jobs such as bull-dozer operators. A few years ago, I flew to China to see how communism worked. It didn’t, but when I walked out of the terminal, my eyes began burning. About half the people were wearing carbon-filtering masks, which are cheaper than lung replacements.

The new carbon regulations will cost industries billions to convert to cleaner air. The only thing worse than government regulations is increased taxes on corporations and the wealthy. Corporations are human, too and taxes hurt them emotionally. A dear friend sent this email; “I will consider corporations human when Texas executes one.”

The air we breathe is free like email is. No, it’s not. When’s the last time you saw “Free Air” at a gas station? Clean air costs money which is a hardship on power plants. Foul air is a hardship on doctors. Here’s a way to investigate the air. Send a House committee to a power plant to breathe the air. Then take them to an intact mountain top and breathe the air there. Take them back to Washington to breathe its pollution and hold a hearing to determine why Washington air causes a peculiar mental illness.

The next time you face a crisis, ask your family to hold a hearing to determine what ails you, and tell the truth when you testify.

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