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June 18, 2008

LETTERS: June 19, 2008

Reader: Give Silver Street another chance

Regarding the recent New Albany-Floyd County school board meeting, I am proud to live in a country where we have freedom of speech. And I am also proud of our community for addressing issues that concern them.

Last night nine New Albany residents, including myself, shared their concerns regarding the closure of Silver Street Elementary which is a passing school with "exemplary" status. Apparently, whatever is going on in that little neighborhood-walkable school is working. It was said that we "jumped the gun" by expressing our concerns and that we should wait for the options that are given to us by the Resource for Results Committee. As you see in Tuesday’s The Tribune there are only three options left at this time — closure, closure and closure.

We wanted to share our concerns before they decided to close our school, not after they decided. And we have worked hard gathering the information we presented. I hope the committee will consider other options after our presentation.

It is not on every corner you see a 91-year-old school, it is an honor to have one.

— Michele Finn, New Albany

He’s proud of Southern Indiana generosity

Good Samaritan, on a recent Wednesday evening, I was biking home (saving money on gas) when I went off the road and fell trying to stay out of the way of traffic. What happened next renewed my faith in people, especially those in Southern Indiana. Traffic stopped in both directions to check on me. I told them that I was "OK" and encouraged them to keep moving as I didn't want to cause a car accident and I walked my way to a parking lot to lay in the grass.

My left calf was badly bruised and I was unsure whether or not I had torn that muscle. A woman at the gas station next door came over to me and asked if I was OK and if she could give me a ride somewhere. She proceeded to help me put my now banged up bike and me in her convertible Mustang. She drove me home and I am grateful for her humanitarianism.

God Bless Southern Indiana! He has certainly blessed me and my household for moving here.

— Robby Rhinehart