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December 8, 2013

CUMMINS: Join me in disobeying the government


> SOUTHERN INDIANA — If you have any notions about how we can overthrow the government, contact me, but do not use a cell or email. BigGov is tracking its citizen’s movements, maybe bowels. It’s getting so that about the only means of communicating privately, is to use the pony express or a carrier pigeon.

As stated in the constitution, I have the right “to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” How many grievances do I have? A few including over taxation, over regulation, over spending and over the top. They’ve finally overwhelmed us. The constitution says nothing about my right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness being dependent upon my knowing how to use the Internet. Consequently, my health and wellbeing is currently in limbo due to the big clog inside the nation’s computer. It’s like death by red-tape strangulation. He died without his boots on. All he ever wanted was a green pasture beside still waters, but no, they found him reduced to skin and bones, slumped under the dark shadow of a fictitious health care provider.

It’s time the American people rose up, while the time is ripe. It’s as if our lives are like over-ripe bananas ordered from Amazon, and lost during Fed Ex delivery. It makes you want to commit violence. Although I have the right to form a “well-regulated militia,” I think we should refrain from as much violence as we can. Violence begets violence and begets it again and again. Therefore, I propose a tactic known as civil disobedience. Please join me, nonviolently, in marching and then sitting on bridges, roads and doorways to impede Big Gov. I’m too old to fight anymore, but if one of them congressmen tries to step over me to enter a hallowed legislative chamber, I’ll jab my cane into his polluted head, or better yet, into a private part.

It takes time to change some things, but do we idly remain obedient to the powers that be? The powers that be abide by the premise that, I’m in and you’re out. Most of the power brokers didn’t start out corrupt, but they chose to play the “game,” a super bowl where no holds are barred. It’s a head-battering game where the players become mentally impotent, losing sight of the powerless public. After being entrenched term after term, why don’t we non-violently vote them out? You tell me why it takes forever, if ever.

Historically, civil disobedience changed a few things. Mahatma Gandhi, practicing civil disobedience for many long years, was able to help India to break away from the British Empire, and eventually establish a democracy. In the 1850s, Henry David Thoreau, who retreated to Walden Pond to live a simple life, refused to pay a tax he thought unfair. He spent a night in jail, but then the government more or less excused him. You know what Martin Luther King accomplished. His non-violent civil disobedience changed America. If he could do it, why can’t we?

In Kentucky recently, renowned author, Wendell Berry with other supporters, occupied the governor’s outer office. They were trying to stop mountain-top removal in Appalachia and elsewhere. Man can move mountains, literally, and they do. It’s the most efficient way to mine coal; you have to see it to believe it. What’s our land worth? Probably more than a big contribution to a political campaign fund. Berry said the governor was accommodating and nice, the protesters were nice and didn’t make a mess, but the bulldozers and dynamite did and are. Will destruction of the earth ever end? Only when we realize we’re destroying ourselves. Things do change, and now natural gas is cheaper than moving mountains to mine coal.

We can disobey by doing it civilly. Since the government doesn’t know what civility is, or forgot, let’s try to get their attention. I’ll need a million or more violent-prone citizens to settle down and in. The unemployed have nothing to do but stand in line for dwindling food stamps. Those without Obama insurance, who, when exposed to the cold Capitol steps, will die sooner, relieving the country of a tremendous financial burden.

We’ll just lie around on concrete where they can notice us, and either have to walk around or jump over us. Pretty soon, that’ll get old as it impedes the idiotic deliberations on both floors. Will BigGov then form a semi-violent militia, handcuff and jail us? To keep power, probably, but maybe not.

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