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August 24, 2012

CHEERS & JEERS: Aug. 25-26, 2012


... to those who organized parking, entrance and exit areas at Sellersburg Celebrates! Unless you are familiar with Silver Creek Community Park, it’s impossible to find your way out of the area in the dark without some assistance.

Call me goofy, but Thursday night I had to sit in my car and wait for someone to leave so I could follow them out of the park. As it turned out, we both got lost.

Since the festival is in a somewhat secluded area, there needs to be someone with flashlights or something directing people out of the park — especially at night.

— Chris Morris, Assistant Editor


... to all of the women who were nominated by family, friends and/or co-workers for the title of Southern Indiana Woman of the Year.

Special congratulations go to the five women who have been chosen as finalists for the honor: Mary Ann Sodrel, Mary Kagin Kramer, Pat Harrison, Mary Engleman and Elizabeth White. Watch the News and Tribune for more details on each of the nominees.

One of the ladies will be named as Woman of the Year at a dinner event on Sept. 28 at Kyes in Jeffersonville. Tickets for the event are on sale now and proceeds will benefit Jacob’s Well in Jeffersonville. For more information on tickets or event sponsorship opportunities, call 206-2108.

— News and Tribune staff


... to Mark Scott’s flair for curb appeal.

Scott, who owns Mark’s Hair Depot on Wall Street in Jeffersonville, added a sleek bike rack and planters in front of his storefront a couple of weeks ago. Simple touches, but they go a long way in punching up his little section of the street. Thanks!

Amy Huffman-Branham, Assistant Editor


... to the people who were at the Circle K on Ind. 62 and Utica-Sellersburg Road on Saturday afternoon, Aug. 11, and witnessed a gentleman fall out of his truck when he opened the door. He received a large cut to his head. Bleeding from the head, this gentleman, who is suffering from stage four cancer, received no assistance. A truck parked next to his with middle aged men, actually laughed and made rude comments.

If you witnessed this accident and did not offer any help, shame on you.

— Geri Bruner, of Utica


...  to the New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated School Board of Education for not providing swimming as part of the students’ physical education curriculum that feeds into New Albany High School.

Two years ago, after spending a great deal of taxpayers’ money to renovate the swimming pools at Hazelwood and Scribner middle schools, the school board decided to close the two pools. Since New Albany High School does not include swimming in its physical education program, the students going to New Albany receive no swimming classes in their 13 years of education. Meanwhile, Highland Hills Middle School’s pool remains open and those students receive swimming in the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grade. Is this fair to the students that attend New Albany High School? Let’s open and use the pools at Hazelwood and Scribner middle schools so these students can enjoy the many benefits that come from swimming. We just want equal opportunity in our school system.

— Sonny Wright, retired physical education teacher