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February 2, 2010

CURRENT EVENTS: How well do you know Floyd County?


As the new year begins, welcome to a brand new feature. Just when you thought that you would never have to take another pop quiz, Current Events will be testing your in-depth knowledge of Floyd County, Indiana.

This inaugural contest deals with habits and behaviors that Floyd Countians are most likely to make New Year resolutions about — like losing weight, exercising more, or trying to stop smoking.

The first reader to submit correct answers for all questions will be declared the winner. The winner will reign as Champion of Current Events, for the next few months, and will receive a $25 gift certificate to Sam’s Food and Spirits in New Albany.

Submit your entry as soon as possible to and be sure to include your name, address, phone number, and reference the Resolutions Quiz.

Readers and fellow columnists are invited to send in “Submitted Stumper” questions. One “Stumper” question will be included in all future contests. Just e-mail the question, answer, and source to The decision of the judge (me) is final and is likely to be arbitrary and capricious. So good luck with your resolutions and our first quiz.

1. What percent of adults in Floyd County currently smoke?
a. 15.5%
b. 21.6%
c. 33.6%
d. 99.9% of the people sitting across from me in any restaurant I patronize.

2. According to FBI crime statistics from 2000 to 2006 for Floyd County ...
a. 34 people were arrested for stealing pumpkins from Huber’s.
b. There were over 1,000 violations of liquor laws.
c. 11 tickets for seat belt violations were issued to Amish buggy drivers.
d. More people were arrested for cockfighting than drug dealing.

3. According to the State of Indiana, in Floyd County there are currently 85 ...
a. Branches of Curves Health Clubs and Fitness Centers for Women.
b. Places you can legally purchase tobacco products.
c. Licensed hypnotherapists, faith healers,
or psychotherapists who can help you break your bad habits.
d. Residents who do not lie about how much they exercise.

4. Ten establishments in Floyd County are permitted by state law to allow Level II Gaming on the premises. What exactly is Level II Gaming?
a. Using video poker machines.
b. Betting on rat, cockroach, or hamster races.
c. Card games including Old Maid, Go Fish, and Crazy 8’s.
d. Pull tabs, punchboards, and tip boards.

5. Approximately how many drivers in Floyd County are arrested for DUI each year?
a. Not nearly enough
b. 675
c. 1,000
d. Half the people careening down I-64 on any Saturday night.

6. What percent of Floyd County residents are technically considered to be obese, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta?
a. 5.4%
b. 29.1%
c. 38.6%
d. I will answer this question after lunch.

7. According to state law, in Floyd County you be can fined up to $5,000 for?
a. Selling cigarettes without wearing a shirt or shoes.
b. Public intoxication within 500 yards of a school, unless you are a teacher.
c. Littering, if it involves throwing a burning object from a motor vehicle.
d. Texting while driving, if it leads to injuries, property damage, or getting engaged.

8. Jamey Abersold, the famous Floyd County jazz musician and educator is also known for his strong opposition to ...
a. Polka music
b. Smoking
c. Finger nail-biting
d. Starbucks

Terry L. Stawar, Ed.D., lives in Georgetown and is a psychologist, freelance writer and the CEO of LifeSpring, the local community mental health center. Check out his Welcome to Planet Terry blog and podcast at