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November 3, 2010

FLOYD COUNTY ELECTION WRAP: Seabrook retains Commissioners’ seat

Coddington is county’s next auditor


FLOYD COUNTY — Mark Seabrook didn’t want to speculate about his political future Tuesday night.

“Let me enjoy this one first,” said Seabrook after beating Paul Kraft to retain his Floyd County Commissioners’ seat.

Seabrook collected 15,436 votes — 60 percent — to Kraft’s 10,031 votes.

The Republican, whose name has been mentioned as a possible mayoral candidate in next year’s city election, said he began his bid for re-election the same way he has entered his other campaigns.

“I enter every election as an underdog,” he said. “I want to make sure when I get up Wednesday morning, that I did everything possible to win.”

Seabrook, a former member of the New Albany City Council, said he thinks he appeals to both Republicans and Democrats because he listens to both and always tries to help solve their problems. “I try to help them,” he said.

Kraft, a first-time candidate, said he was motivated to run because he was sick of politics as usual.

“The mood you see throughout the country is the reason I ran,” he said. “It just looks like it’s going to be a Republican year. I think the national trend trickled down to the local races and it hurt Democrats. I wish Mark the best.”

Kraft said he “loved” campaigning and talking to voters.

“I got to meet a lot of great people,” he said. “I guess you can’t expect to win the Super Bowl the first time out. Mark was well established and had been in politics 12 or more years.”

Kraft said he was also pleased both campaigns ran a clean race.

“There was no animosity, nothing negative,” he said.

Floyd County Auditor

For the first time in several years, a Republican has been elected Floyd County Auditor.

Darin Coddington, a first-time candidate, defeated Democrat Mary Lou Byerley, 13,100 votes to 11,573 votes — 53 percent to 46 percent. Byerley has worked in the auditor’s office for 13 years.

“I owe it to God, Ronald Reagan and my father,” Coddington said. “My father always instilled in me to do the right thing to try and help people.”

Coddington said he ran for auditor because he felt like it fit his personality.

“I don’t know everything that goes on in the office, but I will do everything I can to learn the job and work for the people,” he said.

Byerley said she “did everything I could possibly do,” to win the race.

Other Floyd County Races

The Republican sweep was also felt in the county. Two Republicans, Patti Hayes and Bob Wright, were both elected to the Greenville Town Council. And three Republicans — Patty Nelson, Cheryl Matthews and Dave Matthews, were elected to the Greenville Township Board.

Republican Frank Loop was elected Greenville Township Trustee while Republicans  Bob Hornung, Danny Short and Steve Burks won the three seats up on the New Albany Township Board.

Two Democrats, Charlie Zipp and Carl Schindler, were elected to the Lafayette Township Board along with Republican William Robinson.

Republican Garrod Sieveking, and Democrats Matt Mills and Greg Balmer were elected to the Georgetown Township Board.

Final Totals

There were 26,316 votes casts in Floyd County Tuesday with 6,604 residents voting straight Republican ticket compared to 4,954 voting a straight Democratic ticket.