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November 13, 2010

Young committed to turning economy around

Newly elected U.S. representative preparing to take office


> SOUTHERN INDIANA — Now that the campaign and election are over, newly elected 9th District U.S. Representative Todd Young is preparing to take office in less than two months.

The Republican discussed some of his priorities through e-mail with The Tribune and The Evening News following his victory over incumbent Baron Hill.

Young collected 52 percent of the vote Nov. 2 — 118,055 votes — to easily defeat Hill, who had 95,201 votes. Libertarian Greg Knott collected 5 percent of the vote.

QUESTION: Were you surprised with the margin of your victory?

YOUNG: We worked and campaigned with the assumption that it could be very close, and that we should not take anything for granted. However, as we traveled around the district and met with and heard from voters, we increasingly felt that the momentum was on our side. The results confirmed the strong support we felt we had on the ground.  

Q: What are the issues you feel garnered you so many votes?

YOUNG: We focused on the things voters are concerned about. Unemployment is high. We are committed to getting the economy back in gear, and revving up job creation.

Spending is out of control in Washington. We promised to rein it in, and make the federal government live within its means. And many Hoosiers felt they were not being listened to, and that their representative in Congress ignored their concerns. We listened to every single constituent and will continue to do so.

Q: What do you expect the first few months of Congress to be like?

YOUNG: We were sent to D.C. with a mission. Get the economy back on track, cut the wasteful spending, and defend and advance the interests of the people of Southern Indiana.

I plan to get right to work and immediately turn to putting in place policies that will create private sector jobs, grow incomes, get the government off of its spending binge and focus on constituent services.

Q: How will you spend the next two months preparing for Congress?

YOUNG: We are already organizing a staff, establishing district and D.C. offices and planning their operations. We will also be working with Congressman Hill’s office to ensure a smooth transition, specifically of unfinished constituent casework. I will also be attending a new member orientation and, along with my wife, Jenny, moving our family to the Washington area.

Q: Since Republicans control the House, do you anticipate being able to sponsor some legislation and, if so, what will you look to be involved in?

YOUNG: Whenever possible, I will look to advance legislation as a sponsor or co-sponsor that will lead to sustainable economic growth and deliver long-term job security, income security and retirement security for Hoosiers.

Staff writer Daniel Suddeath contributed to this story.