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October 21, 2012

Public can vote for ‘Red’ hot husband

Jeffersonville man contestant in Redbook contest after wife’s nomination


JEFFERSONVILLE — Whenever Ashley Marconi is ready to dye her hair, she saves money by asking her husband Rob to help.

“He does it for me every time I need it done. It saves us a lot of money, and he does a great job,” Ashley said.

However, Ashley explained that her husband helps her out all the time, and it is because of this she recently nominated him for Redbook Magazine’s 2012 Hot Husband of the Year.

“I nominated him because he always helps me out and he puts me first. But one of my favorite things is that he’s good to everyone he meets,” she said.

Rob is among 28 finalists in the Redbook online competition. The competition is making Ashley very happy, especially considering there were thousands of original entries.

“I think it’s awesome, but with something big like that I never thought it would happen,” she said.

(Rob) said he was surprised to find out his wife nominated him, and that he is now a finalist.

“What makes me No. 1 is if I make her happy and do something for her around the house. It’s about a happy wife and a happy life,” Rob said.

The young couple has been married for a year and a half, and during that time he has helped strangers in distress, including a woman who needed help changing a tire on Thanksgiving. He also has stopped his car to help a turtle get to the other side of the road. Ashley explained that he often helps her parents with such chores as installing a water heater, hanging drywall or surprising her mom with flowers.

“I got that from my dad,” Rob said. “He would always teach himself to do stuff, whether it be with a book or looking it up. He was able to take a car apart and put it back together again even though he was not a mechanic.”

Ashley agreed.

“He came [to me] like that. His mom and dad did a great job,” she said.

When Rob is not helping his wife or strangers, he is busy helping the students at Eastern High School in Pekin, where he is a baseball coach, math teacher and works with special-needs students.

Co-worker Patrick Anderson said that even though some of the teachers at work tease him a little, the nomination is well-earned because he relates well with the kids.

“I know he does a good job ... and the kids like him. He enjoys his job,” said Anderson.

According to co-worker Troy Hennette, not only is Rob a great guy who’s easy to talk to, he also works closely with the students. In fact, when he first started, many of the students were struggling with the algebra state test, but he helped 80 percent of the students who originally failed the state test pass.

“That showed me, and a lot of people, that here’s a guy who is willing to work with the kids, and talk to them while working with them in a way that’s affective. He’s that kind of a 21st Century guy,” said Hennette.

Rob Marconi is originally from Chicago, but he moved to Jeffersonville in 2009, two years after meeting Ashley Marconi at a professional baseball game he played in. Ashley, who still has the ticket stub from that game, fondly remembers him signing autographs for the kids. Thanks to a mutual friend and Facebook, they were able to reconnect a year later and chat on Facebook before he invited her to attend his sister’s wedding. His sister and mom are now considering a move to Southern Indiana.

The next five years are expected to be busy for the Marconis, who hope for children and look forward to a new family business working in foundations for construction.

For women looking for a great husband, Ashley suggests looking for one who treats his mother well.

The voting for the Redbook 2012 Hot Husband ends Oct. 28. Vote at