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January 17, 2013

Resident complains about speeding along Green Valley

Prescription savings program approved


NEW ALBANY — The speed limit in the 4000 block of Green Valley Road, near Moser Knob Road, is 30 mph. But, Rick Davis, who lives in the area, said you would have a hard time finding a vehicle traveling at the posted speed limit during the course of a day. 

For the second time in just a few months, Davis told the Floyd County Commissioners Tuesday night that speeding continues to be a problem in the area.

Davis first told the commissioners about the problem in November, asking the Floyd County Sheriff’s Department to increase speed patrols in the area.

“It’s not much better ... it’s no better,” Davis reported Tuesday. 

Davis said he remembers seeing police officers in the area on two occasions — on Dec. 6 when Floyd County Police Chief Ted Heavrin pulled a car over in front of his home and then again Tuesday.

“Speeding is as bad or worse,” he said.

Steve Bush, president of the Floyd County Commissioners, asked Davis what he would recommend to solve the problem.

“Give people tickets to slow them down,” Davis answered. “They [police] can be out there a lot more. I just want to get people to slow down.”

Bush thanked Davis for making the commissioners aware of the problem and said the sheriff’s department is doing the “best it can with the resources they have.”

Heavrin, who was in attendance, said with officers on the road it’s hard to have a unit spend five or six hours in one spot checking for speeders.

“If we could find another half-million dollars then we could hire more officers,” Heavrin said.

Davis said he doesn’t think the sheriff’s department is “doing enough.”

“They need to do more. They can sit in my driveway if they want,” he said. “They need to do something to get them to slow down.”


Prescription Savings

The commissioners approved a prescription savings program, sponsored by the National Association of Counties.

Floyd County Councilman Brad Striegel and Floyd County Recorder Lois Endris made a presentation on the program prior to the vote and encouraged the commissioners to approve the program.

Anyone who works in Floyd County is eligible to participate. When they pick up a prescription at participating pharmacists and use a member card, the county will receive $1 for every prescription filled. 

It doesn’t cost the county any money to participate and Endris will be the county’s point person. The program is also good for pet prescriptions. The money will go into the county’s general fund. Endris said several counties participate in the program and Marion County recently banked $12,650 during one month.

The next step will be to publicize the program to Floyd County employers.


Parks Appointment

The commissioners appointed Tom Millea to the Floyd County Parks Board. Millea is a former board member of the New Albany-Floyd County Parks Board which split late last yearn 


This story has been updated to correct Lois Endris' title. Endris was originally refered to as the Floyd County auditor.