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May 13, 2014

Floyd County general fund receives boost

Funds cut from sheriff’s pension line item


NEW ALBANY — With only an $18,000 cushion in the general fund expected at the end of the year, Floyd County officials continue to look for ways to trim budgets and increase revenue.

Auditor Scott Clark told the Floyd County Council Tuesday that each year the county sets aside $500,000 for the sheriff department’s pension fund line item. However, after working with Ted Heavrin, chief of the department, Clark said the county is able to make the minimum payment of $448,000 to the fund this year, freeing up $52,000 which will be moved back into the general fund.

Clark said in 2012 and 2013 the county put $500,000 in the account and by only putting in the minimum this year would still be following state statute.

Councilman Steve Burks asked Clark if the county was paying an extra $52,000 a year to the account each year.

“It’s a moving target,” said Clark as to why $500,000 is budgeted each year for the pension line item.

Clark said there will be no impact to the pension fund by only funding the minimum amount this year.

County approves court funding

The council approved Floyd County Superior Court No. 1 Judge Susan Orth’s request for $15,000 for new court recording equipment for her court, as well as Circuit Court, Superior Court No. 2 and the Magistrate’s court.

The money will come out of the riverboat fund, which is expected to be in the black at year’s end according to Clark.

Extension office funding restored

The council used $21,782 of the money saved from the sheriff’s pension fund to restore contractual services for Floyd County Extension office.

Other Business

• The state has denied $148,000 in additional appropriations so far this year from Floyd County due to the general fund issues. Councilwoman Dana Fendley said with $30,000 left from the pension fund after $21,782 was given to the extension office, the council should submit some of the requests again since there is now money to cover the items in the general fund.

• Clark said he has been working with Councilman John Schellenberger to try and “free up” more money to help shore up the general fund. He told the council he will likely bring some of those ideas to the June meeting.

• The council agreed to approach the Floyd County Commissioners about holding a joint meeting to discuss options on selling the North Annex and M.L. Reisz Building.