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November 1, 2012

Incumbents look to hold seats in Floyd treasurer, recorder and coroner races

Six candidates vying for three positions on Tuesday


FLOYD COUNTY — There’s more to decide on Tuesday than Floyd County Commissioners and Council members.

The Floyd County Recorder, Treasurer and Coroner positions are also up for election, as three incumbents are attempting to retain their seats against three challengers.

The recorder’s race features incumbent Republican Lois Endris against Democratic challenger Maury Goldberg.

Republican incumbent Linda Berger will try to keep her seat in the treasurer’s race against Democratic hopeful Carolyn Evans.

The coroner’s contest features incumbent Democrat Leslie Knable versus Republican challenger Thomas Sonne.

Comments used in this story for the candidates were taken from their election questionnaires submitted to the News and Tribune.

Floyd County Recorder

Endris, age 51, has served as recorder since 2009, and was deputy recorder in Floyd County from 2001 to 2005.

She said she’s equipped with the knowledge and ability to run the office efficiently.

“My knowledge of the real estate industry and background employment has equipped me with the ability to understand and better serve in the capacity of recorder in respect to the needs and information provided from the office,” Endris said.

Goldberg, age 64, is a former New Albany City Councilman who touts his leadership and budgetary skills as reasons why he would make a good recorder.

He said serving the public is critical in the role.

“The single most important issue is the ability to provide good customer service so that the public will feel like this is their government — that they do matter,” Goldberg said.

He vowed to be accessible to the public and added he understands the importance of preserving records for future generations.

Endris said she has implemented procedures to maintain records in a cost effective manner during her first term as recorder.

She said that providing accurate and timely recordings is the basis of land transfers and mortgage financing in Floyd County.

“I know how vital it is to keep everyone’s deeds and other related recordings permanently and safely stored and backed up,” she said.

Floyd County Coroner

Knable, age 49, said she has a unique combination of experience, training and education.

“I am seeking my second term in office because I want families to know I genuinely care when they lose a loved one,” she said.

In addition to investigating suspicious or unexpected deaths, Knable believes a coroner should be a public servant who assists grieving families.

“If re-elected, I want to assure our community that I will continue to conduct my investigations with professionalism, while treating family members with dignity, respect and compassion,” she said.

Sonne, is a physician who has been elected Chief of Surgery at Floyd Memorial Hospital and Health Services four times.

Now semi-retired, Sonne said he finally has time to give back to the community he was raised in.

“Besides [working] years as a trauma surgeon dealing with families after traumatic events, I taught anatomy to medical students attending numerous autopsies and years of working with the courts and law enforcement,” he said.

He added that he has experience working with the court system and police, and would therefore be qualified to serve in the “law enforcement fraternity” as coroner.

Knable said she’s a Certified Medical Legal Death Investigator and a Certified Grief Counselor, which gives her the training and qualifications needed for the job.

Floyd County Treasurer

Berger, age 72, is finishing her first term as treasurer, and she also held the position of Floyd County Recorder for eight years.

If re-elected, she said she will explore “even more options to make the office more user friendly, including e-billing for those who choose to participate.”

“I have experience and have worked with other officials to make the county more accessible to the taxpayer,” Berger said. “I have shown that I can work within my budget, offer courteous and efficient service to the customers, and increase revenue for the county.”

Evans, age 67, began her career in 1978 as Family Services Coordinator for Floyd County Head Start, and has held a variety of positions with the state since 1987. She is seeking her first elected position.

“I am running for this office because I think it is time to have some new, updated ideas in the treasurer’s office,” Evans said. “The most important issue for me, in this campaign, is the updating of the computer system and ensuring the treasurer’s office and staff take on a new, professional look and attitude.”

She added the race shouldn’t be about political affiliation, but rather the candidate who will make the best treasurer for Floyd County.

Berger said she has improved the taxpaying process for Floyd County residents over the past four years.

“It is also important to increase service without increasing spending,” she said. “I have realized this step by cutting a full-time employee and hiring a part-time only when we are very busy.”