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April 16, 2013

ON THE SPOT: Hamsley looking to make history

Floyd senior may be state favorite in the discus


FLOYDS KNOBS — • QUESTION: With Newton gone, are you the favorite to win the state discus championship?

• HAMSLEY: “I don’t know if I’m the favorite. I’m one of the favorites. [Robinson] is a great athlete and he loves throwing. He hasn’t been doing it long, so he has a lot of room to improve. So it’s probably me or him.”

• Q: Last year and even into this year, you’ve been able to progress at an astonishing level. Why do you think that is?

• HAMSLEY: “Really good coaching. My dad [Kirk Hamsley] is the one who helps me the most. He’s a really good coach. He helps me a lot and he puts a lot of effort into it.”

• Q: So that’s it, it’s just coaching?

• HAMSLEY: “I mean, it helps that I have talent and a 7-foot-1 wing span. That helps a little bit.”

• Q: What is it about track and throwing that you find so appealing?

HAMSLEY: “I like that it’s all on you. I play basketball and in basketball, if you make a mistake, there can be somebody there to help you out. Out here, if you make a mistake, it’s all on you. And I guess I’ve always been kind of really good at it. So it’s always kind of been my favorite sport.”

• Q: Would you like to see your shot put throwing get to where your discus throwing is?

• HAMSLEY: “Yeah, last year I was throwing about 45 [feet]. This year I’ve been in the 50s and I’d hope to get to 55. I want to get to state in the shot and hopefully get 55 and place. My goal is win the state in the discus and get top-five in the shot.”

• Q: So you don’t think doing shot put the same day at the state meet would take something out of you in the discus?

• HAMSLEY: “I don’t think so. I feel better when I throw both. My body’s more used to it. I do it in practice every day.”

• Q: What is your plan for progressing to the point of being a state champion?

• HAMSLEY: “I’m going to keep on lifting and throwing every day and hopefully at the end of the season, I’ll be in the 200s so I can win a state championship.

• Q: So that’s your goal, 200 feet?

• HAMSLEY: “Two hundred, 200-plus is my goal.”

• Q: So is your thinking that if you throw 200 you’ll either win a state championship or make somebody have an unbelievable throw to beat you?

HAMSLEY: “I just want to go in there and throw that one where somebody has to chase me. It’s better to be chased than be the chaser.”

• Q: How did you wind up doing the 4x400 relay last year?

• HAMSLEY: “I’ve always been able to run. I started out running in track in middle school. My freshman year I ran the [800] and I threw some. I started getting faster, so they moved me to the 400. Last year I ran a 51 [second 400], so they threw me in the 4x4. I ran a 53 my first race this year at New Albany. It’s just the fact that I want to be more competitive in the discus and shot put. So I’m done with it. I’m going to college for shot put and discus and that’s what I love, but I’m sad about [no longer running the relay].”

• Q: Why did you land on Louisville for college?

• HAMSLEY: “They have a great [throwing] coach in Dale [Cowper] and the head coach [Ron Mann] is really good. It’s a family-oriented track program. I went and visited a lot of programs I really liked, but Louisville felt perfect to me. I love the coaches, I love the team. I feel like I felt really well over there.”

• Q: What were some of your other choices?

• HAMSLEY: “I went to Auburn for a visit and Alabama. [Along with Louisville], those were my top three.”

Q: Have you decided what you want to study?

• HAMSLEY: “Most likely it’s going to be kinesiology. I want to be a track coach when I’m older.”

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