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January 30, 2013

GREG'S PICKS: Bulldogs get shot to avenge 30-point loss to Pioneers

Plus Greg's Picks, Player of the Week and the week's top performers


NEW ALBANY — Over the years, New Albany has had its way with Providence.

Leading into last February’s rivaly game, the Buldogs had beaten the Pioneers 12 of the previous 13 years.

All of that changed last year. In a big way.

Now, instead of Providence trying to prove it belongs on the same court with the Bulldogs, it’s New Albany that has to rebound from a 50-20 walloping — the worst in series history.

In last year’s loss, New Albany made just seven field goals and went 3-for-12 from the free throw line. The Bulldogs trailed 13-2 after one quartr and 27-5 at the half.

New Albany coach Jim Shannon hopes his team will respond positively when the Bulldogs hosts Providence in the Game of the Week.

“We’ll have to wait and see,” he said. “We won’t know until we get out there and play. Last year, New Albany outplayed us. We didn’t score any points. We gave up points. It was a good old fashion whipping. I think the kids will come out and not want to be embarrassed again.”

This year, the rivalry shifts back to the Doghouse, where Shannon believes his team will have an advantage.

“I think it will be a totally different atmosphere,” Shannon said. “I think last year, Providence was fired up to play it and I don’t think — for some reason — we really were.”

Shannon knows that for his 8-6 team to avenge last year’s loss, it will have to battle with the 13-2 Pioneers on the boards.

“They’re a good team going to the offensive boards. We can’t give them second shots. Their three insiders are better than anyone around,” Shannon said of George Knott, Ryan Pickerrell and Dalton Duley. “Nobody [in the area] has three kids with that kind of size who can play. That’s their strength. We know that. But you can know their strength and still have a tough time stopping them.”



BOYS — Providence at New Albany

• Time/Day: 7:30 p.m. Friday

• Records: Providence 13-2; New Albany 8-6.

• Rankings: Providence — Class 2A No. 4.

• Series last 15 years: New Albany 4-1.

• Last year: At Providence 50, New Albany 20.

• Analysis: After the way the Pioneers beat up on New Albany last year, they should expect the Bulldogs to be ready. If New Albany plays the way it did Saturday in a loss at Jasper, the Bulldogs could get embarrassed for the second straight season. That’s not likely with a Jim Shannon-coached team. They’ll battle. But will it be enough? Probably not. Not even at the Doghouse.

• Greg’s Pick: Providence 48, New Albany 44.


BOYS — Charlestown at Austin

• Time: 7:30 p.m.

• Records: Charlestown 8-5 (); Austin 6-8 ().

• Last year: At Charlestown 63, Austin 58.

• Last 15 years: Austin 9-6.

• Analysis: Austin is playing much better than early in the year, but the Pirates have proven they have what it takes to win close road games.

• Greg’s Pick: Charlestown 65, Austin 61.

GIRLS — Floyd Central at Silver Creek

• Time: 7:30 p.m.

• Records: Floyd Central 10-9; Silver Creek 14-6.

• Last year: At Floyd Central 48, Silver Creek 45.

• Last 10 years: Floyd Central 7-3.

• Analysis: The win over Scottsburg had to boost the Dragons’ confidence. Throw home-court advantage on top of it and Creek has to be get a slight nod.

• Greg’s Pick: Silver Creek 47, Floyd Central 43.

GIRLS — Jeffersonville at Providence

• Time: 7:30 p.m.

• Records: Jeffersonville 6-13; Providence 10-9.

• Last year: At Jeffersonville 49, Providence 20.

• Last 10 years: Jeffersonville 10-0.

• Analysis: Jeff has beaten Providence 30 straight times. With eight losses in nine games, the Pioneers couldn’t have shown up on Jeff’s schedule at a better time.

• Greg’s Pick: Jeffersonville 50, Providence 28.


BOYS — Clarksville at Brownstown Central

• Time: 7:30 p.m.

• Records: Clarksville 12-3 (6-0 MSC); Brownstown Central 14-1 (7-0 MSC).

• Rankings: Clarksville — Class 2A No. 7; Brownstown Central — Class 3A No. 5.

• Last year: Brownstown Central 66, at Clarksville 62.

• Last 15 years: Brownstown Central 17-1.

• Analysis: The Mid-Southern Conference is on the line as the league’s two best teams go head-to-head. On a neutral court, this is probably a toss-up. At Brownstown, the Braves are the favorites, but few would be shocked if the Generals return home with the win and — eventually — the MSC title.

• Greg’s Pick: Brownstown Central 68, Clarksville 62.

BOYS — Evansville Reitz at Jeffersonville

• Time: 7:30 p.m.

• Records: Reitz 10-6; Jeffersonville 13-2.

• Rankings: Jeffersonville — Class 4A No. 11.

• Last year: Jeffersonville 69, at Reitz 37.

• Series all-time: Jeffersonville 11-7.

• Analysis: The Devils will take care of Reitz early and start to focus on the big one Saturday.

• Greg’s Pick: Jeffersonvile 73, Reitz 60.

BOYS — Bedford North Lawrence at Floyd Central

• Time: 7:30 p.m.

• Records: Bedford NL 6-10 (2-3 HHC); Floyd Central 4-13 (1-5 HHC).

• Last year: At Bedford NL 52, Floyd Central 44.

• Last 15 years: Bedford NL 15-3.

• Analysis: Friday’s HHC win was a big one for Floyd. The Highlanders have a chance to win two straight. I’m leaning BNL in a close one, though.

• Greg’s Pick: Bedford NL 62, Floyd Central 60.

BOYS — Salem at Silver Creek

• Time: 7:30 p.m.

• Records: Salem 0-14 (0-6 MSC); Silver Creek 5-10 (0-5 MSC).

• Last year: Silver Creek 63, at Salem 53.

• Last 15 years: Silver Creek 10-8.

• Analysis: Beating Corydon will be tough on Feb. 15, but if the Dragons keep playing the way they have been lately, their schedule could allow them to finish the regular season on a seven-game winning streak. That would put them at .500 after a 3-10 start.

• Greg’s Pick: Silver Creek 72, Salem 46.

BOYS — New Washington at Lanesville

• Time: 7:30 p.m.

• Records: New Washington 6-9 (2-1 SAC); Lanesville 9-7 (2-1 SAC).

• Last year: Lanesville 62, at New Washington 38.

• Last 15 years: Lanesville 11-5.

• Analysis: Lanesville hasn’t played up to expectations and has lost three straight. New Wash has already won five more games than last season. Still, it will take a huge effort from the Mustangs to win in Lanesville.

• Greg’s Pick: Lanesville 66, New Washington 53.

BOYS — Christian Academy at Trinity Lutheran

• Time: 7:30 p.m.

• Records: Christian Academy 5-8; Trinity Lutheran 5-11.

• Last year: At Christian Academy 52, Trinity Lutheran 44.

• Last 15 years: Christian Academy 6-3.

• Analysis: Even with seven losses in nine games, CAI has played well at times. Friday will provide a much-needed win.

• Greg’s Pick: Christian Academy 64, Trinity Lutheran 53.

GIRLS — Madison at Charlestown

• Time: 7:30 p.m.

• Records: Madison 14-4; Charlestown 9-9.

• Rankings: Madison — Class 3A No. 15.

• Last year: At Madison 77, Charlestown 61.

• Last 10 years: Madison 8-1.

• Analysis: Charlestown has been hot. Super hot. A win over Madison could make the Pirates the favorites heading into the Scottsburg Sectional. Not an easy task, though.

• Greg’s Pick: Madison 59, Charlestown 53.


BOYS — Evansville Harrison at Jeffersonville

• Time: 8 p.m.

• Records: Harrison 14-1; Jeffersonville 13-2.

• Rankings: Harrison — Class 4A No. 7; Jeffersonville — Class 4A No. 11.

• Last year: Jeffersonville 56, at Harrison 51

• Series all-time: Jeffersonville 4-1.

• Analysis: When you play the Warriors, Duncans just keep coming at you. All three — senior Ernie and sophomore twins Stanley and Everett — can all score. Jeff can, too. The Devils win in a high-scoring dual.

• Greg’s Pick: Jeffersonville 79, Harrison 76.

BOYS — Jennings County at New Albany

• Time: 7:30 p.m.

• Records: Jennings County 11-5 (4-0 HHC); New Albany 8-6 (3-2 HHC).

• Last year: New Albany 53, at Jennings County 43.

• Last 15 years: New Albany 18-3.

• Analysis: New Albany can actually clinch a Hoosier Hills Conference title for rival Jeffersonville with continued domination of the Panthers.

• Greg’s Pick: New Albany 65, Jennings County 54.

BOYS — Corydon Central at Charlestown

• Time: 7:30 p.m.

• Records: Corydon Central 10-4 (3-2 MSC); Charlestown 8-5 (3-2 MSC).

• Last year: At Corydon Central 70, Charlestown 54 (regular season); Corydon Central 59, Charlestown 46 (sectional)

• Last 15 years: Corydon Central 16-2.

• Analysis: Both teams were essentially eliminated from the MSC race by Brownstown last weekend. As well as the Pirates have played in close games, Corydon is probably too talented.

• Greg’s Pick: Corydon Central 70, Charlestown 62.

BOYS — Borden at Rock Creek Academy

• Time: 7:30 p.m.

• Records: Borden 12-2; Rock Creek 7-10.

• Rankings: Borden — Class A No. 5.

• Last year: At Borden 79, Rock Creek 71 (regular season); Borden 63, Rock Creek 49 (sectional).

• Last 15 years: Borden 9-5.

• Analysis: Even in a 22-2 season a year ago, Borden had a tough time shaking the Lions in two meetings. They Braves will probably win again, but this should be a good road test for them.

• Greg’s Pick: Borden 63, Rock Creek 53.

BOYS — Eastern at Christian Academy

• Time: 7:30 p.m.

• Records: Eastern 6-8; Christian Academy 5-8.

• Last year: At Eastern 57, Christian Academy 43.

• Last 15 years: Eastern 6-3.

• Analysis: Both teams have shown flashes of being far better than their record. CAI has done it more often.

• Greg’s Pick: Christian Academy 68, Eastern 63.


Drew Ellis, Jeffersonville

The Red Devils junior had 22 points in Friday’s 64-35 victory over Bedford North Lawrence on Friday. Ellis knocked down eight of his 16 field goal attempts and all four of his free throws. He also had 10 rebounds, three assists and a pair of steals as Jeff improved to 6-0 in the Hoosier Hills Conference.

Last Week’s Stars

• Jackson Logsdon, Floyd Central: Game-high 20 points in Friday’s 50-49 win at Seymour; team-high 17 points in Saturday’s 74-56 loss to Evansville Reitz.

• Shae Durham, Silver Creek: Team-high 20 points, including threee 3-pointers, in Friday’s 61-54 win over Madison.

• Josh Rogers, New Albany: 11 points in Friday’s 53-50 win over Evansville North; team-high 16 points and six rebounds in Saturday’s 51-46 loss at Jasper.

• Garrett Vick, Borden: 8 points, including the game-winner with 4 seconds remaining in Friday’s 37-36 win at Orleans.

• George Knott, Providence: Team-high 13 points in Friday’s 47-26 win over Christian Academy.

• Tyler Collins, Henryville: Team-high 22 points in Friday’s 72-41 loss at South Central.

• Aaron Hayes, Christian Academy: 18 of CAI’s 26 points in Friday’s loss to Providence.


Team    Record    Last

1. Jeffersonville    13-2    1

2. Providence    13-2    2

3. Clarksville    12-3    3

4. Borden    12-2    4

5. New Albany    8-6    5

6. Charlestown    8-5    6

7. Silver Creek    5-10    7

8. Rock Creek    7-10    8

9. Christian Academy    5-8    9

10. Floyd Central    4-13    —

    Note on the Power Poll: The power polls aren’t based solely on which teams would beat which. Factors like team records and how they are expected to perform in their respective class sectionals are also taken into account.