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December 28, 2013


Daisy Lane roundabout works just fine

Living two blocks from the roundabout on Daisy Lane, I had my doubts when it first went in. A year or two later they have vanished. It has worked out just fine.

People have gotten familiar with it and the vast majority know how it works. You approach it at 15 mph; if no one is in the circle then you pull into the circle and proceed in the direction you intended to go. The vehicle in the circle has the right of way. It’s as simple as that. Use caution and never assume the person approaching is going to do it correctly.

 Unfortunately, a few on Daisy Lane demand the right of way. That’s not the roundabout’s fault. These are the same people who would have blown through the stop sign that was there before. You shouldn’t blame them. They are more important than the rest of us and their business is more important than ours.

I must point out that this has nothing to do with the once-proposed roundabout on Mt. Tabor Road. Unlike flip-flops, one size doesn’t fit all. It may or may not work there.

— Mike Culwell, New Albany

How did the Grant Line come to be?

First off, I have enjoyed your bicentennial articles about the people and places about New Albany.

I am 84 and when there as the little church of friendship on the hill on Grant Line Road, there was a fellow that would tell how the Grant Line came to be.

I feel that an article about the Grant Line would be of interest to people who do not know the story.

Thank you for letting me spout off.

— Patricia Elliott, Sellersburg

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