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November 1, 2012

News and Tribune letters: Nov. 1, 2012


> SOUTHERN INDIANA — Resident says ‘extremist’ label not fair for Mourdock

   I have read Richard Mourdock’s original statement regarding the intrinsic worth of the human fetus and his subsequent clarification. I feel it is unfair to label him as an extremist because of his view.

Human life does begin by God’s blessing, even though the circumstances surrounding the conception may be evil. God doesn’t condone the evil, but nevertheless has a purpose for the new life. I think that we must recognize this and protect the fetus’ life. Let’s be fair in our debate of the issue.

— James Goodwin, of Charlestown

Writer encourages vote for Matthews

  I’m part of the Dave Matthews band! No, not that Dave Matthews band. I’m voting for Dave Matthews for Floyd County Commissioner and invite all my friends and neighbors to do the same.

I’ve known Dave for several years and have seen his integrity and honesty up close. Anybody who watches politicians knows those attributes aren’t always found in those running for office. Dave is a retired U.S. Air Force officer. One of my sons is now completing the training for his wings, so I know what a gruelling task that can be.

Dave has never shirked his duty to his country nor his fellow man. So, please join me and vote for Dave!

— Jeff Adams, of New Albany

Parent says use common sense in GCCS race

   I have been following the antics of the Greater Clark County Schools for some time now keeping quite and hoping things are not as bad as they seem but after this latest debacle I feel I can not keep quiet any longer.

Part of this current board has to go. It was bad enough when they got rid of a superintendent that made the most gains in test scores, graduation rates, and has more students taking advanced placement courses than any time in our history because of philosophical differences. This was exactly the results we as parents and taxpayers wanted when they hired Dr. Daschner, finally we were moving in the right direction and all they could come up with is philosophical differences.

 It was reported many times that Dr. Daschner would continue his amassing work for a considerable reduction in pay, but part of this board did want higher scores, and more A.P. courses, the very things we did and still do want so they got rid of him and brought in a superintendent that must want the same thing they strive for  — being less than the best.

Again we have a principal that has taken a school that was on academic probation and turned it around to be the 8th best school in Indiana and we now find that is not good enough so we bring out the philosophical differences card again this time removing the most productive principal this school has had in a very long time. Go ask people in this community about the changes that have occurred over the last three years and the answers you get will amaze you. More discipline, safer school, higher scores, higher graduation rates, more A.P. courses, all the things we expect from our schools and we have philosophical differences. The superintendent needs to work out the differences and keep this educator in place for the sake of our children. Call your school board and tell them you want the best for our children. We need to change the thinking of this board and make it about what is best for the children and not the differences that keep coming up. I intend to vote for common sense this election and hope you will join me. I am voting for Alice Butler, Dale Moss, Becka Christensen and Vicki Boisseau — together they can make our school the best they can be.

— Mike Reardon

A very concerned parent and taxpayer, Jeffersonville

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