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November 1, 2012

News and Tribune letters: Nov. 1, 2012


> SOUTHERN INDIANA — Reader unhappy with newspaper over Mourdock coverage

   The vast majority of the national media outlets are talking about Mourdock’s rape comment at the IUS debate. However, those comments not only do not make the headlines but are buried on page number 2 of the article in the 10-24-12 edition. After listening to some of Limbaugh today on the radio I conclude that my local newspaper and Limbaugh are the only two “news outlets” who are trying to keep the story buried. Why was it not a headline? I will call the subscription office today to cancel my subscription.

— Dan Walton, of New Albany

Resident asks for support of Matthews

   I urge my fellow Floyd County citizens to vote Dave Matthews for County Commissioner. After 24 years in elected county office, it’s time to retire Chuck Freiberger and elect a fresh face. Dave is one of the hardest working, patriotic people I know. He is a man of integrity that I know will fight for greater transparency and fiscal responsibility in local government. He has been an excellent county chairman, UPS pilot, town councilman, and Air Force veteran. I encourage you to vote for Dave on Nov. 6.

— Matt Duncan, of Sellersburg

Writer gives take on Mourdock comments

I think we all know what Mr. Mourdock was trying to say. That our God can make something wonderful out of the most violent of crimes. Our God does not intend harm, but is wise enough to know when it will happen. Life has value no matter how it was created and the taking of life should not be done on a whim. I think we all will be surprised to find out what our God was doing behind the scenes to protect us from the free will actions of other humans bent on destruction. The statue in Daniel is complete and we only wait for the Stone, at that time we will know how wrong we all are and how right God is.

— Frank Fisher, of Clarksville

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