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April 11, 2013


Readers write about fundraiser, Sen. Coats and the Second Amendment and scooters in New Albany


Reader: Sen. Coats is a Rand Paul clone

Please take a look at how Sen. Dan Coats, R-Ind., is agreeing to join Rand Paul as a Second Amendment clone for adding his name to a letter opposing any gun control legislation.

My opinion is: Fewer guns means fewer opportunities for harm. You don’t need assault weapons to target shoot or hunt deer. Plus, 90 percent of Americans agree that background checks are needed.

I have to show my identification in order to buy my hay fever medicine, but yet I can buy an assault weapon at a gun show just by paying cash — no questions asked. This is taking the Second Amendment to extremes.

The gun companies and gun rights organization such as the National Rifle Association have captured our legislators and they can only speak for the organizations that give them money.

I’m really sorry to see Sen. Coats is following the money rather than backing common sense gun legislation. I wonder how he would feel if someone he knew were killed in the Newtown, Conn., massacre?

Please feel free to express your opinion to Sen. Coats.

— Jamey Aebersold, New Albany

Man concerned about scooters in traffic

As a young boy growing up in New Albany, I had a minibike and loved riding it every chance I had. I knew better than to ride it on the streets because the police would catch you and take you home to your parent.

Fast forward to today and as a 53-year-old man and I see these “scooters” or whatever they are called today who are evidently allowed to inject themselves into traffic as they please.

They display no tags, so I assume they are probably and unlicensed and uninsured. Let a licensed driver accidentally hit one of these riders and they will most certainly be sued.

Why are they allowed to ride in regular traffic with those of us who pay for the privilege with our fees and taxes, and by being licensed?

— J.W. Lehman, New Albany


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