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May 28, 2013



> SOUTHERN INDIANA — Man says GOP needs to change

Republicans are so clueless. They know help couldn’t have gotten to the consulate in Bengazhi in time to save these people. They could care less about them.

It is just about the next election. They have no good candidate so they must make news about old news.

Why don’t you Republicans quit wasting our tax dollars on this and use it to create jobs instead of bashing Hillary Clinton and President Obama trying to win an election two years from now. You have fought this administration on every issue.

When you finally wake up and learn to help the average person you might then win an election. Republican are so power hungry you can’t see how to win. Quit your crying over spilt milk and do your jobs you were elected to do.

Govern for the people you were elected to, not special interest who make you richer. You are more like a dictator in a foreign country which you helped overthrow. Govern for all the people, not just the wealthy.

— George L. Dorman, Clarksville

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