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August 30, 2012

LETTERS: Aug. 30, 2012

JEFFERSONVILLE — Reader concerned about Medicare

In the last few days, I saw liberal Juan Williams answer a question this way, “Of course the media and reporters are decidedly Democrats.”

So I can see where the Honorable Judge Fleece and Ms. Carol Jenkins believe about the Health Care law the way they do. It’s called programmed learning, something we’re all susceptible to.

I’ll just respond to Ms. Jenkins.

Ms. Jenkins, the despicable TV advertisement featuring a grandmother being pushed over the cliff by the Republican Medicare change applies to me — from President Obama’s Democrat Medicare proposal. A recent visit to my heart doctor confirmed just that. I confronted him with the changes proposed by Obama. He told me without a doubt payments for Medicare will be cut to the point he not only will drop them, but with the other changes for insurance companies he will probably go to a cash-only basis.

You are correct with regard to the Medicare Advantage program but the bottom line, which obviously at age 70 affects me, is I may lose my Medicare coverage if nothing changes. Vice-president nominee Ryan’s plan won’t cut my payments while providing a solution to truly save an unsustainable program.

Remember the Congressional Budget Office in 1966 said it would cost $12 billion by 1990. The actual cost ended up being $107 billion.

If Ryan’s plan doesn’t work, his plan can be changed, but at least it has vision, looks toward the future and Obama’s does neither.

— John Krueger, Clarksville


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