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March 26, 2013


Thanks given to fire department, others

I would like to commend the Jeffersonville Fire Department for its response to the apartment fire Wednesday night on Allison Lane. The professionalism and expertise these firefighters exhibited gave me a feeling of pride and security. 

The occupants were given updates and helped throughout the night. Once the fire was under control, firefighters contacted each occupant individually and entered the building to secure items requested by the occupants. Items such as medicines, photo albums and even toys were brought to the owners as they waited outside. This action alone gave the occupants something to instill hope.

The Jeffersonville Police Department also provided traffic control, security and a helping hand to ensure everyone was safe and informed. The professional and confident manner of the officers on the scene was inspiring to say the least.

The other hero in this disaster was the pastor of the Oak Park Baptist Church nearby and the team of individuals who attend services there. They provided food — a full dinner — and drinks for the misplaced neighbors. They also joined with the Red Cross personnel to comfort and provide a family atmosphere. This was the result of a team of men and women who obviously had performed this action before, as there was no hesitation or questions, they just jumped into help.

Last and certainly not least was the immediate and professional action of the American Red Cross. Their action was smooth and flawless as they interviewed each family. They provided a service that secured a place to stay for the night and vouchers for their immediate needs. These men and women were on the scene within minutes and met every person entering the church lot with a smile and the desire to help.

I hope the residents of Jeffersonville will say a prayer for the misplaced individuals and will offer thanks to the groups mentioned above.

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