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April 22, 2014


Organizers call for Bales’ humanitarian nominations

We are writing today to share with you how excited we are to announce the 17th Annual Bales’ Humanitarian Gala benefiting the American Red Cross. And, we need your help to make this year a success.

We are accepting nominations for the humanitarian awards. If you know an outstanding humanitarian who lives or works in Southern Indiana, please submit a nomination form by the end of the month.

We also hope you will join us Aug. 21 for the 17th annual Bales’ Humanitarian Gala held at Huber’s Plantation Hall. Not only will we celebrate two outstanding humanitarians that evening, but we will celebrate the strength of our community, and the people we have served together.

The American Red Cross gives all of us the chance to come together to help our neighbors in emergencies — down the street, across the country and around the world.

Again, if you know an outstanding humanitarian who embodies this mentality and lives or works anywhere in Southern Indiana, please go to to download a nomination form. We asked that all nominations be received by close of business April 30.

The Board of the American Red Cross will vote on these nominations shortly after the deadline and an announcement will follow. Please be sure to mark your calendars and plan to join us for another fun and meaningful Bales’ Gala.

— Teresa Perkins and Cheryl Seeders, Bales’ Humanitarian Gala chairs

Reader proud to be a Brave

I read the recent column by Editor Shea Van Hoy [published April 16] and I have to let you know that, yes, I am offended. But apparently not I in the same way that you are. As a lifelong Borden resident I can say that I am proud to be a Brave.

If you knew anything about the history of the Borden area you would know that the land within a mile or so radius of the Borden High School was once Indian territory — rich with Indian villages and currently Indian burial grounds. When the older generation changed the school mascot from Berries to Braves, it was with great pride. Never has it been intended as something derogatory. Braves demand — and deserve — respect. Berries are, well, a weird mascot that people laugh about.

I also have Indian heritage in my family tree but have never once heard a family member upset because our bloodline is portrayed in an unflattering manner. I did not read any thing in your article that mentioned your Indian heritage. Maybe I missed that.

While I respect your right to free speech and your own opinion, it must be a pretty slow news day if you have to stir up unnecessary controversy just to fill space in your paper.

I hope your week picks up. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of emails to read once everyone has a chance to read your article.

Once a Brave, always a Brave.

— Erin Jones, Borden

 Reader shares Old Testament verses

I have become more aware lately of prophecies concerning the crucifixion of the Messiah which are found in the Old Testament, prophecies which would have been made hundreds of years before His death on the cross. Here are two prominent ones:

• Ps. 69:21 For my awful thirst they offered me vinegar.

• Ps. 22:18 They divided my clothes among themselves by a toss of a dice

New Testament.

• John 19:29 A jar of sour wine was sitting there, so a sponge was soaked in it and put on a hysop branch and held up to His lips.

• John 19: 23-24 When the soldiers had crucified Jesus, they put His garments into four piles, one for each of them. But they said, “Lets not tear up His robe, for it was seamless. “Lets throw dice to see who gets it.” (The Living Bible)

— Gladys Biddle, New Albany


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