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July 17, 2013


Reader balks at opposition to mayor’s ideas

I am at the same time outraged, disgusted and embarrassed by the feud between some Jeffersonville City Council members and Mayor Mike Moore that continues to be played out on the front pages of the local newspapers. 

It seems to me that several of the council members are already conducting their own campaigns for the mayor’s job and that it will be easier to defeat an incumbent that “hasn’t accomplished anything” rather that one whose term produced parks, a new marina, new businesses on Veterans Parkway, more police officers and a better quality of living for the people of Jeffersonville. 

I would say this to those council members: We will remember who blocked those things. Perhaps Mayor Moore would have a more supportive council if he had given jobs within his administration to those who previously opposed him, thus assuring their vote on his agenda.

If more attention were paid to advancing the city and less attention to who will get the credit, perhaps we would all benefit. Had the previous administration had this kind of negativity, they surely would not been able to spend millions of our taxpayer money buying up property for a canal that had never come to a vote before the election of Mike Moore. His election was a clear mandate to city officials that the majority of us did not want a canal, yet some members of the council seem to object to any future progress or use of that now city-owned property that is proposed because “we’ve already spent too much money.” 

If a business proposition is made, such as Rose Hill Commons, they want to keep the area as “greenspace.” If a park is recommended, they want a business in the area to produce revenue. The council’s conflicting responses to Mayor Moore’s proposals are clearly transparent; they oppose anything that might make him or his administration look favorable in the eyes of the voters in the next election. 

What a shame.

— Donna Jones, Jeffersonville


Man has but one issue with ‘special’ attraction

I had the pleasure to venture to Charlestown’s Family Activity Park the day after its opening. I’ll return, that is for sure.

The town has something special developing there, and not just for locals in Charlestown. My experience was, overall, enjoyable. The staff was working hard, as cash registers weren’t fully operational, records were hand-written on pads of paper and the concessions were also limited as several items weren’t available. The staff also reacted quickly after a child got sick on the playground and closed it off and power washed it. Bravo; pat yourself on the back.

For a mere $3 entry fee for the park and $2 skate rentals, it brings great values to a small area of Charlestown that looks to continue to develop it into a grand attraction. Similar attractions such as the Louisville Zoo’s splash park comes at a much greater cost for a not-so-quick visit.

While the parking lot wasn’t filled, I can soon see it reaching capacity and becoming an issue. Maybe the plan includes adding more or on-street parking.

The biggest concern I have is the splash park’s floor. While most adults and older children have no problems maneuvering across the slick concrete, most small children can slip and fall. My 3-year-old nephew managed to accomplish that feat three times in our several hour visit and only came away with two scraped knees on his last fall. My 2-year-old daughter slipped as soon as she entered the splash park. I quickly gave her the upper hand by allowing her to wear her only pair of shoes for traction. I wasn’t the only champion of wits to drive to that solution. 

On the other hand, we saw several children slip and fall, cry, try to run to a parent and slip and fall again. While I noticed it was limited to smaller children that haven’t mastered the proper balance-to-available-friction-versus-gravity ratio, I’m sure they’re not the only victims. During my visit, I eventually saw blood on the ground from a fallen visitor, however it was quickly pointed out and cleaned by the power washing crew and taken care of. Bravo, again.

While I’m aware of this problem and will return regardless of corrective action, I’ll just have to get my feet wet to ensure my daughter is victorious against that gravitational monster ... you know the hovering parent tactic. I mainly want to draw attention to it before it becomes a serious problem and brings unwanted situations to the best thing in Charlestown outside of Christmas lights and a state park.

Keep up the good work, and I can’t wait for the rest to be built.

— Joseph Merideth, Jeffersonville