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July 17, 2013



On the other hand, we saw several children slip and fall, cry, try to run to a parent and slip and fall again. While I noticed it was limited to smaller children that haven’t mastered the proper balance-to-available-friction-versus-gravity ratio, I’m sure they’re not the only victims. During my visit, I eventually saw blood on the ground from a fallen visitor, however it was quickly pointed out and cleaned by the power washing crew and taken care of. Bravo, again.

While I’m aware of this problem and will return regardless of corrective action, I’ll just have to get my feet wet to ensure my daughter is victorious against that gravitational monster ... you know the hovering parent tactic. I mainly want to draw attention to it before it becomes a serious problem and brings unwanted situations to the best thing in Charlestown outside of Christmas lights and a state park.

Keep up the good work, and I can’t wait for the rest to be built.

— Joseph Merideth, Jeffersonville

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