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January 22, 2014


A tribute to Don Herrold

Our Flag Man:

My hero, our flag man, will not be forgotten. Don Herrold, who flew so many flags in our community, he will always be remembered for his programs and his presentations promoting freedom. He was truly committed, a true patriot.

I'm proud to have known this true American hero, who went far and beyond his duty to proudly fly our flag for veterans past and present and for all of us who are free. We salute you, and we will hold you always in our hearts.

You, our dear friend, will not be forgotten.

Thank you from a grateful American, Donald Herrold!

Your friend

Loda Bruner


Reader responds to Camm article

In response to the article by Chris Morris in the News and Tribune on Jan. 15, 2014,

“Floyd County Council disputes Camm costs.” I was in attendance at this meeting to see how the vote would go on paying David Camm’s attorneys. It was just as expected and the non-stop harassment continues.

I can only wish that the same standards applied to public officials as it does the general public. I have seen the invoices submitted by Mr. Kammen for payment as well as the credit card statement from Mr. Levco. I am a pretty simple minded individual, but for the life of me I cannot seem to figure out why there was not a problem reimbursing Mr. Levco, who did not submit a single receipt. Yet Mr. Kammen has every single expense held in question. They both had a court order from the same judge ordering payment. Why should this judge only be deemed honorable and trustworthy when it applies to payment of a special prosecutor, that was appointed to the case? Why should the taxpayer continue to foot the bill for this ongoing harassment? And what appears to me to be personal vendettas.

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