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May 29, 2014


An open letter of Mayor Gahan

Dear New Albany Mayor Gahan,

I write to you openly, first, as a taxpayer of New Albany and also as president of Citizens for Accountability.

After reading several articles in the News and Tribune about alleged corruption and misconduct in our local police department, we are asking you to show some leadership. We feel it’s not the NAPD Merit Board’s place nor the Fraternal Order of Police’s place to investigate these allegations brought out by NAPD Officer Laura Schook. This is like the fox guarding the hen house.

We are asking you to come out as our mayor and request an independent investigation from outside of Floyd County.

The residents and taxpayers of New Albany need to know the facts and the allegations against our police department. We do not want this issue brushed under the carpet of our city.

It outrages us that this 19-year veteran officer was not getting any or proper backup, as she has claimed. How would you feel, Mr. Mayor, if that was your daughter or sister in that situation? We’ve heard this complaint before.

The taxpayers deserve the truth and if any officer has discriminated against her, or has broken any laws, they should be fired, not reassigned, and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Accountability was your campaign promise and the taxpayers deserve nothing less.

It is time for you, Mayor Gahan, to step up to the plate, put your big-boy pants on and get justice for Officer Schook and accountability to the taxpayers of New Albany.

— Vicki Denhart, New Albany

Clarksville resident gives praise for Thunder work

I realize this is a bit late in coming, but I really want to express my gratitude for a job well done.

I would like to give a shout-out to Clarksville Town Councilman Tim Hauber and the members of the Clarksville Police Department, Fire Department and Street Department for the way they handled this year’s Thunder Over Louisville.

Hauber is the member of the council who is in charge of the Police Department in addition to being the councilman in charge of Thunder Over Louisville. I think he did a great job and kept Clarksville safe and a great place to enjoy Thunder.

With all the ruckus over people wanting to bring firearms to Thunder, you might have expected there to be some trouble. Well that wasn’t the case. Hauber, Police Chief Mark Palmer, Fire Chief Tom Upton and Street Commissioner Brad Cummings had everything under control and it was a great day.

Thank you Councilman Hauber and the rest of the town employees who made Thunder Over Louisville in Clarksville a great place to be.

— Jamie Gemme, Clarksville


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