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June 29, 2013




What we have forgotten


I like many American citizens are wondering where, what and when we lost control over our elected leaders.

Back in 2010, I ran as a write-in candidate for the 9th Congressional District in the state of Indiana. Now I knew I was not going to win the election, but I wanted to show people that we still had the right to run in this country without spending millions.

Now back in that election, I pointed out that we would hear the very same things in each and every election cycle. We will save Social Security and we will save Medicaid and Medicare and will not spend this nation into oblivion but, tell me do you think they have kept their promises?

Now we have been faced with facts that our government [both parties] have used the CIA, NSA, DOJ and let us not forget the IRS on us, we the people. Some people are not alarmed yet. What will it take to wake you up to the loss of your freedoms or your privacy?

I ran because our nation was founded on people of the common cause who would seek an office and serve a term and then we would live under the laws we passed. That in our service to this nation, we would not allow this country to become second to any other nation of this world and that a citizen would be part of the fabric that would make this country strong.

In these times, we are reminded by our elected leaders that that we are a country or immigrants and that has made this nation great. The facts that are left out by both parties are that not only did they come here for a new start, they came to become part of this nation. They knew the laws and they strived to become citizens of this nation. They made no demands to change the language or to impose their will on their new country.

What I am asking for is that you the reader take a look around and find those who are willing to run outside of the party line; those who will do what is needed to make sure that this country survives not for a party but as a people.

If it is so hard for us to understand Washington D.C. and how it works that we feel we must elect only those who spend millions to make $100,000, then what we do not understand anymore is why this country came to be.

We escaped a ruling class so each person would be able to rule themselves, and it this thought we have lost. It is just my thoughts and how I feel so I will speak up because when we remain silent, you will never be heard.

— Jerry R. Lucas, Deputy

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