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June 13, 2013

READER LETTER: It’s time to wake up, America!

So every time I call my wife, the president, NSA, Bugs Bunny and the Tooth Fairy listen in? WOW!

I did not realize her grocery list was that important.

No, this is not what happens. It is what uneducated American fools have been convinced happens. By whom? Well the media, Rand Paul, the far left and articles written on websites by losers who can’t get a real job in journalism.

America, when the Patriot Act was installed, those of us who believe in the right to privacy were appaled. Where were you then?

Someone told me the other day “That was 9/11. It was different.” Really?!

When you jumped off the bridge, did you think you might stop in mid-air if your wife yelled, “I want you back?”

When you bought your smartphone with the GPS, did you care that you can be found at any moment by the government?

When you walk down the streets of most major cities, you do realize cameras watch you. Yes, they can see you pick your nose.

But now the far right and far left are up in arms. The far left because of the Constitution and the far right because of who the president is. And they are both hypocrites of the highest order.

Oh, and by the way — do some research. They are not listening in on your phone calls. They are monitoring certain paterns in calls made to areas of concern to them.

The president really does not care if you think the girl in the first row of English class is hot.


Richard Hodge


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