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July 3, 2013


A few thoughts on the Tea Party

Mr. John Krueger of Clarksville must have awakened with a bad hair day when he wrote his letter to the editor published June 6. He accused President Obama of covering up the Benghazi affair. 

He must not of covered it up too well since he seems to know all about it.

Now, let’s change gears here a little bit. Naiveté isn’t dead yet. There are a lot of well-meaning Tea Party members out there, many of whom are right here in Clark County and also many of whom I have considered my friends for years. But, I do wish that you would stand back and take a good look at what you really stand for.

Your taxing and spending ideas in an ideal world would be very commendable, but as things are in this real world, they are very unrealistic. Understandingly, you cannot borrow yourself out of debt, nor are there many ways of advancing without incurring additional debt. 

We have to do exactly what the Federal Reserve is doing at this present time — borrow money from China and sell our products back to China. Apparently, they need us as badly as we need them. Maybe sooner or later our kids will come up with a better solution. Also, you bill yourselves as patriots in such a way that it sounds as if you are implying that the rest of us are less patriotic and lesser of a citizen than you. 

Rand Paul wants to sue the Obama administration for collecting and storing information that we can readily access in order to keep us safe from terrorism. In fact, this process has already worked successfully, many times according to the National Security Agency. In my opinion, this is a small price to pay unless you have something to hide.

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