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July 3, 2013



In the meanwhile, look for Paul to recommend some kind of congressional medal of commendation for NSA contractor (traitor) Edward Snowden. He may even get some help from his newly acquired comrade, Mitch McConnell.

You Tea Partiers are going to keep it up until you make the Republican Party look half-way respectable.

Now, having said all this. I see nothing wrong with the IRS targeting any group that applies for tax-exempt status, whether it be the Tea Party or some other fringe group. As for the abusiveness of the IRS, I’m not sure they are abusive enough when it comes to all of the high-rolling tax cheats, money launderers and big businesses who cache their billions off shore after amassing it on our shores, leaving the rest of us to pay the difference.

— Charlie Gregory, Charlestown 


Clarksville: city vs. town

After several years, the issue of whether Clarksville should become a city or not has been brought up again. 

While it might have some merit — such as finally allowing voters in districts to elect their representative instead of allowing everyone in town — it also has its downsides. Among them are who might become mayor, would we have the associated problems we’ve seen in adjoining cities and, of course, Clarksville would lose its sole designation as the oldest town in the old northwest area.  

With the population forecast to only increase by 1,000 by the year 2030, it would seem adding a town manager to the seven-member council would be a much better option. Bringing up the city issue has all the earmarks of a political distraction from the main issue of district versus townwide voting. Basically, our residents should have the freedom of choice as to who represents their district and the town.  

Prior to the last election, Councilman Bob Polston stated he was for district voting. It may have helped him get elected. After the election he changed positions. He then indicated he was going to take a poll on district voting, which to the best of my knowledge he never did. He also choose to ignore the only barometer from our residents when town hall meetings were overwhelmingly in favor of voting by district.  

Be that as it may, everyone has a chance to hear the results of the committee study and be heard on city vs. town on Tuesday July 9, starting at 7 p.m., at the Town Hall in Clarksville.

— John Krueger, Clarksville

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