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November 2, 2012



> SOUTHERN INDIANA — Thomas W. Sinex

of Sellersburg

Writer asks for support for YMCA’s Kids Square

I am writing with a heavy heart. On Friday, Oct. 26, I was informed that my children's daycare (YMCA Kids Square) would be closing as of Dec. 31, 2012. This is sad for many reasons. Several people will be out of jobs. Charlestown is a small city and we don't have many choices for daycares. When the YMCA does close we will be left with one option. Now I am not saying anything bad about the remaining option it is just that I prefer the lessons and structure my children have received at the Y. My youngest son is a bit hyper and all the other daycares he has went to have not provided activties based around his abilities. The YMCA was the first to do that. He has advanced like never before. He is 4 years old and knows how to write his name, all his colors in English and Spanish, all his shapes, etc. They provide a loving and caring environment.

There are some parents that will even be forced to move if the YMCA closes b/c the only other option they have is not one that is suitable for them and their children will need a way to school. I am just asking that the YMCA Board of Directors just consider how much this facility means to our community. Even if you have to find another building please do so. We need the Y in our small community.

Nikki Berkley

of Charlestown

Vendor thanks neighbors for help on time of need

The New Albany Lions Club has been selling food as one of our major fundraisers at Harvest Homecoming for years — we are well known for good prices and amazing ribeye sandwiches. Unfortunately, about halfway through Saturday this year our fryer shut off. Since this was a major setback for us, we reached out to Danny Strader next door selling funnel cakes who took time away from his booth to try and get it working. A few hours later, in the middle of the lunch rush, Troy Lancaster, owner of Lancaster’s Cafeteria, came down to assist as well. When it looked as though there was no hope, Troy offered to cook for us at his booth and bring the food down so we could sell it. Thankfully, he was able to get our fryer working and we were able to finish Harvest with a flourish, but we wouldn’t have been successful without the help of these two fine people. If you have ever been touched by the Lions Club - received a scholarship, received eyeglasses when you couldn’t afford them, or just been helped with you were down on your luck, please help us thank Troy by visiting Lancaster’s Cafeteria. Thank you to Troy and Danny from the New Albany Lions Club!

— Blayr Barnard

 of Floyds Knobs


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