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April 25, 2013



— Michael Gaubatz, Jeffersonville


Federal money isn’t free


The mayor of New Albany said in this newspaper that he will probably recommend that a number of one-way streets in the city should be changed to two-way streets to accommodate anticipated traffic increases due to the Sherman Minton Bridge not having tolls while other bridges in the area will. This seems reasonable, even a little far-sighted for New Albany politics, and of course a “study” will be able to justify its value.

However, he seems to have the same fallacy as all other elected officials: Namely we are only going to have to fork over 20 percent of the cost since the federal government will be paying 80 percent.

And just where does the federal government get its money? From us.

I would require that any time a politician uses these references he or she should be required to say “you are getting a double-whammy ... suckers!”

Of course, this will happen about the same time that the power plants run on unicorn methane to generate electricity.

— Ken Adams, New Albany

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